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Birds of War: Fly High, Live Forever!

Birds of War: Fly High, Live Forever!
Current date is December, 1939 and the world is not as we know it. The major powers are fractured, ruined images of themselves. The beacon of liberty, the United States, is now a twisted jigsaw of competing nations. The Japanese war machine was destroyed before it could get traction. The Bolshevik Revolution of Russia ground down in to a war of attrition that did little but destroy all central authority. To the west, the French and British Empires continue to feud on all levels, while to the East, the Chinese Empire starts to rise again. Germany rises from the ashes, consuming central Europe and the world stands at a crossroads!
It is an age of uncertainty, where no history is set and all avenues are open to the bold.
Current Story!

Once a rural backwater, isolated across a massive inland bay, Maracaibo was ignored by the world until recently. Negro & Sobre el Terreno Oil (N&SeT) petitioned, through its minions in the National Senate, for Maracaibo to be named a free port and a special administrative district. With no real reason to object as there was nothing of worth in the area, the Senate acceded. N&SeT quickly built a refinery in the hills overlooking the massive bay and set about rebuilding the harbor district. One cannot ever say that N&SeT lacks a plan or a vision.
Weeks after the refinery was online, N&SeT shocked the world by announcing the discovery of Halo-X, the lighter-than-Hydrogen but safe gas. This amazing gas, from a backwater battle ground of a nation, from a third tier corporation owned privately by a mysterious group of minor nobility and local businessmen, defied understanding. It acts as a superior lift medium that allowed the construction of larger, heavier zeppelins and every empire in the world wants to secure a supply… or the entire supply.
Game Features
  • Open Character Generation: No approval, no background checks, minimal work. You login, you get an idea, and you play.
  • Dynamic Grid: Want run a Plot inside a evil villain's headquarters? Want to run a royal ball scene? Want to do a scene inside the deep dark jungles? Done!
  • SotS: The first and only use of the Spirit of the Skies system, based off the popular FATE 3 and Spirit of the Century.
  • GM: Anyone at any time can run any type of adventure for others, no approval required and as much help as you need.
  • Infinite Possibilities: You can have as many alts as you desire. Both Villains and Heroes.

Wiki: Birds of War: Front Page News!
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