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Atonement RPI: Hiring Exceptional Storytellers

We are opening up the window of opportunity, for a brief time, to give extra-ordinary Storytellers and GameMasters the opportunity to apply to join the team of Atonement RPI. Our "RPA" (Roleplaying Administrator) Team is staffed with people who have brought you some of the most successful roleplaying-intensive campaigns in RP-MUDing history; this includes the "Fall of Osgiliath" on Shadows of Isildur, the Lost Tales of Beleriand, the "Mines of Moria" and "Northlands" expansions on Shadows of Isildur, "World of the Dead", "The Civil War of Old Temple District" on Red Dragon Inn, and many, many others.

If you have experience with being a GameMaster for table-top games, being a Storyteller on RPIs or RP-Enforced Games, or running immersive roleplaying events on MUDs or games, then you could be right for the position. We want to add to our team of creative, imaginative Storytellers. Atonement RPI is centered around Storytelling, and offers a plethora of great tools to our RPA Staff and players. If you are ready for something very new and very exciting, check out our website at and follow the instructions below to send me a basic application to initiate dialogue. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

-Donathin, aka, "Jaunt"


Storytellers on Atonement RPI are right at the heart of the game. They help players who experience problems within the game, answer petitions, animate important NPCs, create on-the-spot fun for players, and help drive the overall storyline of the game with special events and original plots. To be a Storyteller on Atonement means that you are a creative force, are capable of playing a wide variety of characters, enjoy interacting with people and providing them fun, and are a solid writer with adequate grammar skills.

Volunteering as a Storyteller/GM/RPA for any game requires determination, thick skin, and dedication. There will be times where the tasks put before you are often tiring and tedious. There will be times where you must deal with unsavory things. There will also be times where you will heatedly disagree with the opinions of other staffers or players or situations where your actions will be judged for fairness. Being a staffer or guide means being able to cope with often stressful and very taxing things but despite that, our position is very rewarding. We value honesty and integrity and we like to think that we hire the very best. So, if you are interested in joining our team, our application guidelines are listed below.

1. Account name:
2. Position desired (Storytellers/Crafter):
3. Contributions to the game (if any):
4. Useful skills & knowledge:
5. Why you'd make a good Storyteller/Crafter:

The above are the required information needed when applying for a position with Atonement RPI. Feel free to include any additional information that you think would help sway our votes when deciding on whether or not to hire you. Note that experience -does- matter and that we are more inclined to hire from the ranks of our Guides than those of the general community, though it will happen from time to time.

Please send your applications to: ... note that we will ONLY be accepting applications for Storytellers until Midnight EST on December 16th (next Wednesday). That means that you should not hold off on applying, and should spread the word to any individuals that you believe may be interested in applying.
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