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Arrow Its a Merry Double XP Christmas on WaterdeepMUD

In celebration of the Christmas / Holiday season, WaterdeepMUD will be holding Double XP on multiple zones for those lookings to quickly level up in our game and or those who are just shopping around for a new place to chill.

WaterdeepMUD is a heavily modified (Diku/Merc/Rom) RoT 1.4 codebase based in the fantasy world of Toril aka The Forgotten Realms on a semi-unique continent based heavily on the steampunk design of the Final Fantasy VI and VII games. We are a 2 tier remort/reroll system with 101 levels per tier with helpful staff and players. We generally average about 10 to 30 players around the clock, though in recent times our crowds have become more western hemisphere oriented, so if its 3am on the East Coast USA don't be suprised if there's only 5 or less on. Evenings we push 20 to 30+ so we fall into that quiet and humble area of muds that some find enjoyable (like us).

We feature a roleplaying world that is based heavily on TSR's Forgotten Realms but with high influence and direct extractions of Final Fantasy VI and VII. We tend to call it 'semi-unique' because its not exactly unique ideas but more ideas blended together in their own unique fashion. We are heavily Roleplaying Encouraged but not enforced and provide multiple codes to help those roleplay (RP flag, specific channels and able to tune out the OOC channels while roleplaying if need be). Our web page is the best location for roleplaying information, we are currently revamping the online help files and do find it hard to fit -all- of the data inside multiple help files.You will find elements such as the Vectorian Empire controlled by Kefka, but also a religious order who wishes to bring about paradise by resurrecting an elder god who is being aided by Sephiroth. But there is of course the traditional Forgotten Realms deities being worshipped, fought for or against that dwell in the realms.

Player Killing (PK) is also an option, done via Loners or Outlaws, or joining a clan. We are currently revamping our clan systems after 13 years of use, so right now most Pkillers are loners. Come New Years we will be introducing new clans to the population so its a good time to check them out. All clans are RP oriented. PK is done in a restricted looting system where 90% of your eq will fall into a 'fist' that only the victim can recover, while the other 10% falls into the corpse for the killer or vultures to run off with. PK is done with a +/- 5 level threshold.

Anyone who is familiar with Stock RoT 1.4 or even Rom will reconize much of the game as we do retain much of that code, such as generic classes and races. There are additional hero skills to each class, and races have been revamped from their original forms. Much of our coding time has been spent with the additions of new systems and the painful overhaul of the RoT codebase, so even though much of it may remain 'stock' in looks, its been totally rewritten under the hood, thus causing less fires and explosions associated with RoT 1.4.

Our game world is pushing roughly 35,000 rooms which are split into two different continents. The Continent of Cruoris aka "The Great Realms" is based on the Stock zones found in Rom/Rot along with additional zones based on Final Fantasy (though many not directly). There is also the continent of Faerun that features most of the Sword Coast, including famous areas such as Icewind Dale, Waterdeep, Candlekeep, Daggerford, Shadowdale, Myth Drannor, Baldur's Gate and more. This continent has been crafted directly from the official maps.

We have a friendly pbase willing to help out new people (or leave you alone if that is how you roll), along with a great immortal staff who treats the players with fairness and civility, though like any place there are going to be 'those' who will argue that fact. Its simple, if you're civil and level minded then your experience will be great, if you come into the game like its a high school chat room and tell people to f-off, then yes we got no problem nailing you up on a cross on our famed Cruficifion Hill.

"Fun" Things include the automated quest system (seen on most rom/rot muds), area quests driven by mprogs, automated arena system with mass arena option, buyable property where players can purchase and design their own little zone aka "house", airships which are used to transport cargo and can battle against each other (also buyable and customized), Hero Runs, wide arrange of Stat Equipment, Banks, optional Equipment Storage Lockers for mass storage of items, and more.

WaterdeepMUD has operated for 13 years under the same ownership and has yet to have any major downtime. Check out our player reviews for testimonial from past and present players and kind of glance over the Mudconnector one, though please note that review is from 1998. Yes Hollywood Hogan still stands are recall but at least we've pointed out the reason he still stands in his description (first change to the stock codebase ever). And yes even annoying players still exist, but the imms will gladly lock up the stalkers if they are bothering you. Come see what many call their only home on the internet, you just might find a home (or run screaming).

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

[ Double XP Zones ] December 20th 2009 - January 3rd 2010

City of Zozo, New Thalos, Northwest of Waterdeep aka "Mere of the Dead Men", Cavern of the Tarrasque "Duergar Dwarves", Fanatics Tower, Museum of Creatures, Village of Hilp, The Mob Factory and the Magitek Factory.

Area directions can be found at our website, or just ask your local player. See HELP NEWBIE for directions to your training and practise guilds which for some reason in RoT is two different locations.
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