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Final Fantasy themes ROM looking for staff/helpers

Hi there,
As the post title and description lead on, I am creating a MUD. It is going be based around the world Final Fantasy. No game specifically, but I'm planning on basing most of the gameplay (Code based enhancements), around several games from the Series. (In American Numbers, Not Japanese) FF1, FF2, FF3, FF7.

Obviously, this is just my initial decision, which leads me my point.

I'm looking for some people with the desire to create an enjoyable Final Fantasy MUD. Not to say there aren't some out there already. I want the world to be based on a storyline. You will essentially be playing a Final Fantasy game, online. Your party members will be the other players online.

Not everything is storyline based, but I'm hoping this will avoid the grind of endlessly killing random NPCs as you level. This will help push people along in a cetain direction, also restricting some from grouping. (This is also how I plan on incorporating individual Skiffs, Ships and Airships.

PvP will be a very big part of the game, but by no means the focus. PKing will be possible, but only after meeting a list of restrictions and requirements.

My world is going to be completely original. Two automap features will be used, for the sake of 'in-town' maps (3x3 Room Grid), and a World Map map. (X by Y map, allowing more of a Map look for the overworld)

I'm looking for anyone. Be you a builder, coder or just a huge fan of the Final Fantasy series, this place will be for you. Imaginative minds is what I'm seeking, not MUD experience. HOWEVER! This is a part time hobby for me. I have a full time job, and a rather active social life, but this is not to say I am never on. I'm not looking for anything more from anyone else. That being said, I am looking for an experienced programmer. Not to be my slave or code monkey, but my co-owner and partner. I do not concider myself a guru of the C language, but I do concider myself more than capable of acheiving most of the things I try to do, code wise, so you will not be doing all of the work.

Assisting with larger systems (Creating unique limit break systems, blitz systems, etc.), class creation and helping with the implementation of all the skills and spells. Tedious stuff sometimes, I know, but it has to be done!

If any of this interests you, please feel free to E-Mail me at or you can reach me via AIM (Not always on), at AndrewTolmasoff.

The MUD is in it's early stages, so do not expect to log into the game, welcomed by hundreds of bells and whistles.

Features currently in progress:
- City Automap
- Midboss's Random Item Generator
- Limit System
- Materia (OR Esper) system, haven't decided yet.
- Turn Based Combat System
- Random Encounters based on World Map location (Or current area)

My AIM again is : AndrewTolmasoff
Google Talk :
Email :
MUD is located at: port 8000 Click to Connect

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Andrew Tolmasoff
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