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Alpha Testers Needed

Hello everybody this is GM Nicarus from Mystic Rune!Mystic Rune is a developing MUD set on the planet of Syrona, a diverse land with seven different races, two large continents and an island bristling with magic. There are three beast races: Lyconi (wolf-like creatures), Grimalkyn (feline creatures), and Vulpes (fox-like creatures), along with a vampiric race of Nocturnus, dragon blessed winged race of Dragonites, elven mage Mystics, and finally Humans whose ship crash landed upon Syrona while scouting new worlds. PvP is unrestricted, however when you die if you escape the afterlife maze you are granted another chance at life.
We are currently in need of some casual alpha testers, no hard core playing required. We are looking to get some balance issues worked out, and test out a number of new features such as the leaderboards and new hunting grounds in cities we've recently finished. Each race is in various stages of coding completion at the moment, with humans being the most complete. Please register for our forums from the link on the main Sinque page if you have any bugs or suggestions to post!~Z~
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