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AtonementRPI's ALPHA Finale! (don't miss)

What: The Grand Finale of Atonement RPI's ALPHA Phase
When: May 3rd, 2010
Why: In one word? Epic.

Atonement RPI is nearing the end of its ALPHA phase of both design and storyline. In typical Atonement fashion, you can expect that we will be pulling out all of the stops for the remaining story as we approach an end date of May 3rd. It would be very difficult to summarize everything that has happened within just a three month span of time, but I wanted to share the attached post from our forum to give everyone here at TopMudSites a taste. Atonement (ALPHA) is one of the most original RPGs that you will ever play. If you enjoy intense action, mind-bending storytelling, ominous mysteries and top-notch roleplay ... you are selling yourself short to miss out on the final month of Atonement (ALPHA), before we switch gears in a major way leading up to (BETA).

Want to know more?

- Check out the website! -
- Read over the stories and immerse yourself in the mysteries of the game -

- Continue reading below! -


So, I have the silly little habit of naming large events. I thought that I would share with you all of the previous events' titles and give you the title of what I am calling the Finale Event. Even the summaries can't possibly begin to capture everything that happened between these major events. You will also notice that Atonement has a lot of references to literature and pop-culture. There is often more thought that goes into these references than you might expect; once again, I used them here. Read into them what you will.

Pre-ALPHA Timeline Event: Once Upon a Time, in the Himalayas
Summary: Captain Sky Gaiman leads an American shock-trooper team on a dangerous rescue mission, with hopes to retrieve or assassinate Professor Romney to keep him from falling into Pan-Asian or Russian hands. The mission is a success, though General Vladimir Rasputin of The Russian Federation manages to survive the conflict. Romney and the surviving American troopers make a daring roof-top escape on a stealth helicopter.

First ALPHA Event: Pandora's Box

Summary: The mysterious survivor, Two, does not make her ration drop as scheduled. A reluctant hero of the second generation survivors, Jamario, rallies the newly-awoken third-generation survivors up on Deck One and breaks the seal of Code Black on the Elevator that has kept them isolated from the rest of the ship. Despite many casualties as the survivors fight and flee from hordes of mutated humanoids, they are able to reach Two's location at the Ration Factory on Deck Two. Two, suffering from a nearly fatal injury, passes the responsibility of manufacturing rations to the leaders of the newly-awoken survivors on Deck One.

Second ALPHA Event: Through the Looking Glass
Summary: After the Deck One Survivors managed to eradicate the mutant threat from Decks Two and Three, securing the lower Decks entirely, they meet with the enigmatic second generation survivor, Eleven, who promises to tell them everything that they want to know about Home and their identities. Before he is able to say anything, he is assassinated by "Captain" Vladimir Rasputin, the only known living first-generation survivor. Eleven's Crew, now led by what appears to be Jamario, invades the lower Decks from above. Eleven's Crew soundly defeats the Coalition and Secops forces; instead of executing the Deck One survivors, as they are blamed for the murder of Eleven, Jamario agrees to instead allow them to come fully under his command. The result of this is that Jamario releases waves of mutants from the upper-decks onto the lower decks, forcing the new-generation survivors to aid Eleven's Crew in the ongoing battle. In the aftermath, the survivors watch a holodisc that was found on Eleven's body, explaining to them their true identity and purpose for being on the SBS Phoenix I.

Third ALPHA Event: From Beneath You, It Devours
Summary: In an effort to avoid colliding with an asteroid field in their course, the survivors work with the heavily-restricted Ship Artificial Intelligence on a radical plan. Coordinating efforts all over the ship, the survivors manage to drop into the atmosphere of a gas giant, repair and activate a damaged refueling section of the ship, enter the virtual reality of the ship's mainframe to temporarily free the Ship's AI to power the nano-shields, then create an explosion in the outer atmosphere of the Gas Giant to propel the ship out of the planet's massive gravitational field. The resulting explosion causes a section of the lowest Deck, Engineering, to open up to Deck One. Deck One is invaded by extremely evolved mutants; eventually, the survivors exterminate the threat and the Ship's AI seals the contaminated area to secure Deck One once again.

Fourth ALPHA Event: Betrayal
Summary: A faction of survivors from Deck One join forces with Jamario's Crew and plan to overthrow the dominant Ration Factory Coalition on Deck Two. The superior weaponry and training of the Coalition allows them to repel two assaults on the Factory, resulting in the extermination of the entirety of Jamario's Crew besides "Jamario" himself. When the Deck One traitors seek haven on the upper-decks, they are witness to the horrible murder of Jada, Jamario's daughter; this heralds the revelation that Jamario, the wraith-like demonic force "Tom", the Ghosts, the Dreams and many other strange forces at work on the ship were all psychic manipulations by the Queen of the mutant brood. Between the failed coup, the Queen's subsequent betrayal of those who trusted "Jamario", and the deadly effect of a hyper-mutative virus that had been purposefully labeled incorrectly as a vaccine against mutation, nearly all of the oldest survivors are killed within the period of two cycles.

ALPHA Finale Event: Everything That Rises Must Converge
Summary: The remaining survivors of the SBS Phoenix I are forced to make a difficult choice.
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