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Eternal Escape

The realm of Eternal Escape is at the very beginning of its creation. We currently wish to develop, Eternia and or illusia, storytelling rpgs.

We are looking for -CODERS- and anyone that possess an imagination (StoryPlotters and StoryBuilders), who would be willing to start from scratch, becoming apart of the founding team.

Mini-versions of both Eternia and Illusia have been ran on pre-built/temporary platforms. The test became popular.

If you would like to learn more and are interested, please contact me at,

Also visit,


Envision a universe of enchantment; where people can drown themselves in the rich atmosphere of the imagination and breathtaking stories, becoming intoxicated by every spectrum of emotion, as they breath life into their character. A place to retreat from the restraints of daily life. If you can dream it then you can achieve it.

Eternal Escape is a dream scape of endless possibilities. A place where people can escape into fantastical worlds full of imagination. Our stories are given life by our players and staff, and their ability to dream. They can experience adventure, romance, intrigue, and so much more. Come live in worlds of dreams.

Come to your Eternal Escape.

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Re: Eternal Escape

Eternia Theme: Based on western world culture

Eternia is a small world fantasy theme, confined to a medivial kingdom type setting. It implements a social ranking system based upon its theme. Eternia does not have levels or skills system because the goal is to have players emarge themselves into their charater's story. The most enriching aspects of the game is the interaction between players, and their ability to imagine and tell a creative story.

Their story begins as new arrivals to a magical kingdom ruled by Regis Divinus (King),
Marluke Du’Carr, that is shrudded in mystery and enchantment. As they take their journey, characters may rise in social status, learn secrets, go on quest, and much much more. They will slowly learn why only certain people are chosen to come to Enternia that each person is vital to the existance of the kingdom, and why it seem to be lost in time. What secrets lie in the dark shadows of this Kingdom's walls.

Illusia Theme: Large world, Based on Eastern world culture (Japanese, Chinese, parts of Africa)

Illusia is a mystical land hidden by the mist of the ocean, ruled by an Empress and her husband, King Jarvis Tsuki. Once characters arrive on the shores of Illusia they are beckoned to partake in its epic tales of magic, secret, and conflict, becoming intertwined in the social hierarchy built on secrets from royalty to even the commoners. Characters wield their own destiny on the basis of their own ideals and beliefs. In the land of Illusia nothing is as simple as good versus evil; conflict arises from truth, secrets, and beliefs. Players must choose wisely what they will stand for.

Like the mist that conceals Illusia, so do secrets enfold every path, every journey in mystery waiting to be discovered. Much is unknown about the past and those who originally inhabited the island. The world of Ars Arcana is created upon the dreams and fantasy of each person that steps into its reality. They can take part in writing its history by become renowned warriors, influential leaders, and unlocking the hidden legends. It is an alternate world where people can live their own stories of adventure, magic, mystery, and ambition.

In the land of Illusia nothing is as simple as good versus evil; conflict arises from truths, secrets, and beliefs. Players must choose wisely what they will stand for. Will they worship the Gods as the holder of destiny, or will they believe that they are creator of their own path. The history of the land tells of the “Great War of Souls”. A mysterious ancient war between those of the living world and those in the realm of the Gods, one that may never see an ending. Why do so many secrets surround the past?

The land of Illusia is a place of ancient customs, mystery, and social hierarchy. Players will be wrapped on every level of interaction; social, political, personal, romance, trading/economical, mystery, and adventure.

Empress and her Husband King Jarvis Tsuki rule the land of Illusia, maintaining the the balance and order. Not much is known of their origins. Most of the information passed along the land is based from speculation; however, it is believed the Empress serves as a connection between the living world and the Gods. If something should happen to her, who knows what chaos would ravage the land, possibly the world and every soul in existence. To add more opportunity for plot twists and favor, there is also a Prince and Princess among the ruling body. They will have authority over many aspects of the land, but to a limited capacity.

Illusia is a place where magic and fantasy are breathed into existence. Here you will find a forest of bamboo, Royal Castle, lakeside villages, school and tribe districts, market places, mountains, bandit camps, the great shores, underwater regions, deserts, farm and the grass lands. All comes under the rule of Empress Kasumi and King Jarvis Tsuki. It is a world of ancient secrets and lost civilazation. Influenced strongly by eastern world culture.

There are many secrets and mysteries that can be explored throughout Illusia. Players can test their critical thinking skills by solving the puzzles of the runes to discover rare artifacts and hidden knowledge, find their way through the mazes of the caves testing their combat/magic skills and gain unique treasure, or piece together clues laced behind stories, plots, and descriptions to unlock the truths and secrets about their world and even themselves.

Playing character(s) must find where they belong. They can travel across the lands battling foes to become a great warrior (even each other), pursue political power/position (will they be able to handle the pressure of deceit, secrets, favors, and lies that may lurk in the social classes) or simply fall in love and build a house and family (can they build a strong family bond in this strange land, and be tied to the failures and successes of those they care for). They can become scholars (compete against one another to be the best at what they do), journey through runes and caves, where danger lurks around every corner to unlock ancient secrets buried, or join an organization who stands for their beliefs against those who would challenge their ideals.

Every spectrum of storytelling will engage the interest of a wide verity of players. Each day, their characters will live and breathe as they do, like a story that has come to life. They may fight, learn, love, hunger, build, and destroy.

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