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Ansalon - Dragonlance MUD with an all original world set during the war of the lance!

Ansalon is a Dragonlance themed mud with a timeline starting around 348 Post Cataclysm. Join us as we tread through the continent of Ansalon during the rise and fall of the dragonarmies. Will you join the Knights of Solomnia? Or side with the dragonarmies? Or join the conclave and and become a mage, wielding power over the elements? The choices are yours.

Ansalon is a well established MUD which has been around since 1996. Our world is huge, containing over 15,000 all original rooms, all accurate to the theme and timeline. We have an expert and friendly staff which has been carefully chosen from our player base. You will also find a great group atmosphere which will be necessary to tackle some of the harder quests, both immortal and mobprog driven. Joining you on your adventure will be an active playerbase ranging from the most ruthless of player killers to the most diligent of roleplayers and everything in between.

Come join the journey at port 8679, or check out our website at Ansalon!
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