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Unofficial Squaresoft MUD

The Unofficial Squaresoft MUD is a free online game based on the worlds and combat systems of your favorite Squaresoft games. UOSSMUD includes job trees from Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy 5, advanced classes from multiple other Squaresoft games, and worlds which are very accurate recreations of the original worlds from Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana, and Final Fantasy 5, 6, and 7.

Players can embark on missions which are heavily story-based and mirror the events of the original games - tracking down Sephiroth, travelling through time to battle Lavos, and searching the World of Ruin for clues about magitek power and espers. Other gameplay systems add additional depth to the game - Final Fantasy Tactics's Deep Dungeon, a fur shop based on a combination of Final Fantasy 12 and Tactics, and a Final Fantasy 9 style synthesis shop are among the many paths players can follow to build their characters.

If a large, highly customized MUD, now over 10 years old and still being expanded, with a job system and worlds based on some of the most popular console RPGs seems interesting to you, feel free to log on and check it out. We have a friendly atmosphere, and are very helpful and supportive to new players. Visit our website at and visit the "Connecting" section for information about logging on, or just connect to port 9000 on your favorite MUD client to get started right away.
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