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Underworld Dreams the MUD

After well over a decade the MUD Underworld Dreams is still up and running. Drey, the head admin. has worked hard to improve the code. He has improved and built areas as well, not to mention he is hosting the game from his basement! His wife, Quess, has also contributed a ton of unique descriptions, you could spend hours looking at all the content she added. Kheldar, another ArchWizard, contributed his fair share, combining his coding skills and building skills to create some truly interactive game play. A number of other Immortals have contributed as well. The game has had many player suggestions implemented as well as bug reports fixed. All the exploits have been removed making it stable and fair.

If you enjoy dungeon crawling, hack'n slash, player killing, or player vs mobs, you are in luck! There are plenty of large non-player character's (NPC's, or Mobs) to test single player ability and parties. Grouping allows player to compete in co-op missions and clan wars.

Want your own clan? You can found a clan in one of the 8 unique clan holds. Invest hoards of gold into a stellar revenue system that rewards players. Each clan's Warlord gets to create a unique badge that has stats that are adjusted based on how much revenue the clan has. The more gold you put in, the better your NPC clan guards get. Clans are also rewarded with their own donation pit, and skull donation pit, allowing them to build an arsenal for their members.

The class selection allows you choose strengths and weaknesses to fit your style of play. For example, the Quessite class, has the ability to improve armor and is basically a helper class, but is no where near PK worthy. All classes, however, are strong enough to level on their own without any down time. You are allowed to have more than one character, but only one connected at a time. You can trade armor between them. If you want to make a different class your main, you don't have to go through the struggle of building an entirely new set of equipment. There is also a wide variety of premium armor that needs no enhancement, and gives a good base to work from.

Underworld Dreams (UD) has a newbie friendly feel. The first thing you see besides a room description is the "Hint" system, that suggests typing "help", this will give you a summary of the help files. The help file system is perfectly executed. All aspects of the game are explained in a clear and concise manner. Experts will find the mud to be impressive as well, with original skills and a beautiful layout.

Another way UD assists new players is the mortician. If you happen to die, you can have an NPC retrieve your corpse with all of your belongings inside. Also, no player corpse looting, or death traps, which makes dying a minor setback (granted you aren't in a clan war which results in loss of revenue).

With all of these wonderful points to UD there is still work being done to improve the mud:
The race selection, as of this article being posted, has little affect on your stats but your stats are critical to level gains. Drey is currently testing out a different stat system (on a different port) that will enhance the modifiers, and remove the gain penalties/bonuses. In other words, the amount of hit points and mana you gain per level will be decided from your class/race, rather than how good your stats are. Right now there is a set maximum on the base for HP/Mana. This is where the current Race/Class system plays it's biggest roll. Some classes depend on, lets say Intelligence, if you choose a race that has poor Int then you will have less mana per gain, but if your class has high Int your gains could still be poor if you do not have the proper equipment bonuses to Int.

Underworld Dreams website: Underworld Dreams
Address and port :

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