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Dark Isles: Roleplay Intensive MUD is looking for players

WE ARE LOOKING FOR NEW PLAYERS!! Come play in a roleplay enforced environment with its own unique mythos, tailored combat and crafting system and intimate, yet interactive playerbase.


Dark Isles – Original, Intensive Roleplaying Mud (RPI)


port: 7000
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Re: Dark Isles: Roleplay Intensive MUD is looking for players

How active is staff in terms of supporting/enhancing RP? I've seen a few MUDs where player interaction is limited only to interaction with other players, where it would be realistic for a player to be able to interact with non-player elements. I've noticed that if staff doesn't get involved with RP then often there's not much for a player to do than sit around in a tavern with a group of other players. I've seen many MUDs use code and then forget about the role of a GM and ultimately the player can only develop his character to the extent that the code will allow him. I think some MUDs make the mistake of using code to replace the GM rather than supplement GMing.
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Re: Dark Isles: Roleplay Intensive MUD is looking for players

Very reasonable concerns, Justin. I've been playing at the MUD for two years now, give or take a few months, and in my time there I've seen masquerade balls, players tackling nests of demon serpents (that was a fun one... tense RP is always the best), prophets of doom spouting their sentences upon the world - and then attacking their listeners, and a few more things including marshal law and heretic burnings. Another thing, which I think was logged, was when a PC assassinated the current Queen (NPC currently puppetted at the time), or what was believed to be the Queen. It was pretty shocking, and the effects were felt all around.

Ultimately, there isn't code in the game that will stop you from developing your character. Staff are pretty supportive of the player base on that subject. There've been painters who, while there is no painting code, have simply collected the items one would logically need to paint a picture or do what they must and then sent a 'petition' to staff. The staff member would make them a painting, with the look description of the players choosing.

Of course, staff-player trust only goes as far as theme goes in these concepts. I'm sure you'll realize that you can't exactly say "I want to be the King of the Vek" and expect it to happen.

However, as we are just reopening, it'll probably be a few weeks before staff decide to do anything. Usually when that happens there are players to fill the void. I hate tavern RP just as much as you do, and I'll admit, when nothings happening, you can definitely see it on Dark Isles. I've always liked games that, in times like these, facilitates the players making their own events - which Dark Isles does wonderfully with IC forums you can use to announce events or rumors (rumors are monitored and reviewed by staff before being posted so that we don't get crazy ones, or ones that are too overt).

Hope to see you there. Sorry for the long-winded and fragmented post. I'm dead tired! ^.^
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Re: Dark Isles: Roleplay Intensive MUD is looking for players

The game is now located on port 8500.

Port: 8500
Website: Dark Isles | A roleplay intensive MUD
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