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Zen Clark
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Post Seeking Partnership for LunvansMUD

After a long search for an engine to use and one major switch, I have settled with using the public domain version of Dead Souls II. The reason for choosing the public domain version instead of the supported stable is that I plan on formally releasing the game's lib to the public under the GPL, with or without the area/setting code.

Most of the work that I have done has been setting/storyline related, and I am just now putting more time into the building and coding aspect of the project.

The setting is an original creation of mine called Lunvans that is loosely inspired by Asian mythology; it aims to have as few traditional high fantasy or European tropes as possible. Multiple spirits, histories, clans, races, traditions, and legends have been written in order to give the game much more potential, but the setting is certainly not complete.

I am looking for someone to assist me in the creation of this game through either building, coding, or a mixture of the two. Experience with LPC is not needed, but access to a development computer running a distribution of GNU/Linux is strongly desired. Attention paid to grammar and spelling is wanted. Only one person is needed, but anyone who mostly fullfils the above criteria and wants to assist shall be welcomed.

The project is hosted by Google Code, and the actual server code is using a git repository on Gitorious.

Future plans:
  • Adaptive AI
  • Faction based alignment system
  • RPG elements for equipment based on the game's setting
  • Custom magic system based on the game's setting
  • Trade/profession based guilds
  • Variable room descriptions and mob behavior depending on time of day and seasons
  • City/empire based politics
  • Job/bounty based questing
  • RP enforced with possible OOC channels
  • In game character diaries and user generated books

For more information, you can reply here or email me at
I look forward to all responses

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Zen Clark
New Member
Join Date: Nov 2010
Posts: 3
Zen Clark is on a distinguished road
Post Re: Seeking Partnership for LunvansMUD

Bump and update.

I am still looking for someone interesting in assisting with the building and coding of the Lunvans MUD.
Experience is not needed, but access to a GNU/Linux computer is desired.

All of the information in the original post is still accurate.

I look forward to all inquires, questions, and comments.
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