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Exclamation From the Ground Up

Hi There,

I am specifically looking to work with a small group of people on creating a sci-fi MUD that is directed less towards a large expansive world with monsters to a single, confined area and developing a set of systems that allow the player more freedom in what they can do.

The concept is primarily to expand on the system itself. More work on creating outlets for players' imagination and creativity. And yes, I enforce roleplay, but as an adjunct to the system. Players are encouraged to roleplay along with the expansive social system that I have developed. This social system, however, is only for pure roleplay. There may be benefits to being a good roleplayer, but this will not be a system that revolves around it.

I am essentially a brainstormer and a writer. I develop stories, landscapes, NPC's and just about anything else that will require some imagination. I am an amateur coder. I'd like to work with people with many talents to think-tank and develop an interesting system here.

If you think this sounds like what you may be interested in, you can contact me on AIM: arcubilis. Or email:

I look forward to hearing from those interested parties.


p.s. This system will be primarily built "from the ground up". I could especially use experienced coders as I would not like to build off an existing system. There are some bare bones code sets out there that would work, but I am looking to gut anything and everything related to CONTENT in an existing code base.

This is to be a unique experience. Those involved will not be disappointed.

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Re: From the Ground Up

I would like to add that this would be a perfect opportunity for a coder to work one on one to develop ideas and get a lot of practice in, even if you're an intermediate programmer.

I am very specific in not taking on too much at once and trying to develop something really unique and interesting. I am not looking to make ANYthing that exists right now. I want all of it to be unique and the fact that there will be such a small area [one ship] as the landscape, it will allow for complete immersion and allowance of depth.

I challenge a good coder to consider my proposal and speak with me about my plans. I have a lot of ideas that I believe any MUD programmer would be excited about. If you have the imagination and drive to make something great, contact me.

I am open to all world-types [medieval, scifi, etc] but I am much more interested in scifi.

msn [rarely]:
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Re: From the Ground Up

I realize that I haven't given much information on the MUD. I am currently learning C so I will be beginning this on my own in any event, should others not decide to participate. Hopefully this will spark some interest:

Story - Short Version:

A second monumental space race propelled the citizens of Earth into a new Era of science and technology. This was brought on by the discovery of the Commision for Natural Elements [CNE], which stated that the axis of the Earth was accelerating exponentially into an oblique angle. Within the next 500 years, Earth would cease to offer a viable option for life.

This sparked the 2nd hisotrical space race. Within 200 years, Mars and the Earth's moon had become platforms for further research and development. Mars' atmosphere had been injected with microbial elements that had, over 100 years, transformed the planet into an acceptable habitat for human life. Transports were beginning to shuttle Earth's inhabitants to Mars.

In 410 P.D. [Post-Discovery], a brutal war had erupted on all the known human inhabited planets in the system, fueled by the claims of private sector espionage and New World Order mentality. Those fortunate enough to escape did so by embarking out in whatever vessels were available.

The S.S. Hope is the setting of this MUD. A lone settlement ship with minimal defenses that has propelled itself out into space with hopes of settling on a new world. It is now 1214 P.D. and no suitable planets have yet been dscovered. Scientists have worked for years trying to develop atmospheric injections to implant on new planets, so far with fruitless outcomes.

You are a member of this ship. The ship has facilities related to all fields, some of which are:

*Biological Sciences*

Plant Cultivation
- Coding
- Cloning
Gene Manipulation
- Increases Aim
- Organ Extraction
- Surgery


Chemical Extraction
- Poison/Antidote
Element Recombination [synthesis of known elements]
Element Purification
Element Manipulation [creation of new elements]
Pill Enhancements


Energy Tools and Weapons
Propulsion Systems
- Long Range
- Short Range
- Explosives

*Computer Science*

Artificial Intelligence
- Hacking
- Locksmithing
Onboard Computers


Stellar Cartography
Astronology [the two sciences have been

This is my personal pet coding project for the MUD:

SONIA - An artificial intelligence system that interacts with the players and allows them to use voice [not real voice] commands to initiate ship actions:

Initiate SONIA:

Input: "SONIA, "
A completely voice-activated system.

Code will initialize SONIA when it reads this text and search the remaining string for keywords that will perform actions.

Such as "SONIA, arm weapon system"

"weapon" would be enough to initialize the system but this allows players to RP with their speech or keep it quick and simple in a clinch.

Information will be presented in sentence form as though the computer was speaking to the player.

Possible Uses:

- Recalling information about elements, items, etc from the computer database.
- Performing actions that correspond with ship/shuttle automated options.
- Lock/Unlock Doors
- Food and Beverages
- Turn On/Off Lights

There is a lot more, and not only dealing with science. I have races, holodeck systems, weapons, classes, development trees, etc. I'd rather share them once I'm confident in someone's interest.
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Re: From the Ground Up

Keep your eyes peeled here for an open beta in the coming months.
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Re: From the Ground Up

Interesting ... Though I don't have time to invest MUD:ing, I just lurk here.

But some questions and random thoughts:

Is ship working well, like in:
* Star Treck Voyager - everything is new and shiny and works perfectly, exept that specific purposely tailored problem.

Or is everything about to fall apart, like in:
* StarGate Universe - Humans are in alien vessel, and trying to understand it and survives barely there, with constant need of some supplies.

Or is it otherwise chaotic setting, where just is also big theme, like in:
* Babylon 5 - big ship, and there was also all kinds of social classes living, from traders to poor people who strives to get their daily food somehow. Constant conflict solving between races.

Are players somehow working together, or is there place for troublemakers also (some characters tries to bring war to ship along them, saboteurs).

Have players gone through some kind of basic training (or even Space Academy), or is the ship in state, than there is no-one to give formal education to specific field - everything is learned from SONIA's database and/or from other fellow crewmembers.

I like to see:
All are skill based, if there is specific field of expertise, then players must pass test and they get Licence to practise it (from organic farmer to surgery).

Please: no levels, xp, hitpoints, character classes

Does everything work without players?
I think it is interesting to make environment the kind, where certain works just have to be done, or there is lack of certain basic supplies.
For example, if Organic Farmer does his job, then ship's cafeteria has larger variety of foods available (higher food value, keeps satisfied longer).
Or if Miners or Cargo haulers don't go to that next mineral rich, but hostile planet (or just asteroid) to get materials .... there will be shortage of chemicals and metals.
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Re: From the Ground Up

You've covered the background and the setting, but what does the actual gameplay involve? I.e., what do the players do? What are their short-term and long-term goals?
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Re: From the Ground Up

I have not covered too much, you're right. Unfortunately, at this point, most of the game development is under lock and key.

Pleas feel free to visit our website at:

HOPE - Voyage Embarked | Home

to keep up on vital updates. We are also currently staffing.

Thank You,
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Exclamation Re: From the Ground Up

We are currently looking for a writer to help develop and write historical science fiction based on the premise and timeline of the MUD in development.

Please refer to the following link for information and to apply:

HOPE - Voyage Embarked

Thank you,
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