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Heart of the Wyld Mush

Deep within the center of Yellowstone Park, there is believed to be a font of power - a rare unforged caern - one of the last places of refuge and strength for the Garou ... the werewolves. A call to arms has gone out, not just across the nation but the globe, summoning all those ready to fight and to die for their mother Gaia to gather in Yellowstone to defend and forge what could be one of the mightiest caerns born in recent history.

... if they can destroy the site's ancient guardian, first.

Heart of the Wyld is based on Werewolf: the Apocalypse of the old World of Darkness. The theme of Werewolf: the Apocalypse is one of savage horror in a world that is much like our own, yet twisted, with powerful supernatural forces hidden behind the facade of modern life — a World of Darkness. Here at Heart of the Wyld, we focus strongly on struggle. Internally, it is often the struggle between man and wolf, between reason and the mindless fury of the Beast within every Garou. Externally, this struggle manifests in such diverse forms as inter (and intra) tribal conflict, and against any of a myriad of external threats — the Garou are at war, with the Apocalypse looming on the horizon, and the inescapable fact is that the Garou are losing. Some Garou lose hope — their are greater numbers of Ronin in the finals days than at any time in history. Will that be your fate? Will you struggle in vain against the nigh-overwhelming opposition that the Garou face in their war? Or will you scoff at defeat, and go on to win victories that are the stuff of legend?

Feel free to visit out site at Welcome to Heart of the Wyld Mush! - Heart of the Wyld Mush or log on at port 6999
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