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Old 12-22-2010, 02:56 AM   #1
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Looking for something simple and fun


I am an advent New Worlds Ateraan player! But sometimes I am in the mood for something different. Something simple and fun. I like to RP and I feel that a MUD is not a MUD without SOME rp. But I get a ton of RP interaction with NW so I don't need it necessarily for this 2nd one but it would be nice!

I would like something that is not too hard to learn. Also let me see if I can sum up a few things to go on.

* A fun hunting system.

- I don't really like hack and slash MUDs or at least the set up for most them.
- I would love a unique levelling system. Something that isn't the typical "hunt for hours, get skill points, get new skills with skill points, repeat repeat repeat" I typically get thrown off when there is a "gain" new skill feature because I think that is annoying in a MUD. I'd prefer to get skills either with new level automatically or by joining a guild.
- If the MUD is classless or level-less, this would be new to me but if its fun I would try it!

*** I HATE MUDs that have the "you are hungry" "you are thirsty" every 5 minutes! don't give me those, please!!

* Exploration is fun! I like to explore and for the world to be rich with things to find!

* Not a huge world! I don't want to get lost every 10 minutes. I would be happy with a medium sized or even small world if it is fun to explore.

* I like other activities! Fishing, mining, crafting, picking flowers.. what ever! Something to keep my interest when I'm bored with hunting.

* At least a few people on and awake sometimes because if I need help it is frustrating if there aren't people on for days at a time!
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Old 01-01-2011, 06:19 PM   #2
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Re: Looking for something simple and fun

I have played a great deal of MUDs and have found several that you may like.

The one that I am currently playing is called "Eternal Fantasy" which is based on the Final Fantasy series of games. There are plenty of classes to choose from and you can switch them out anytime. The classing system comes from Final Fantasy Tactics, all classes have prerequisites such as having a certain amount of one or more stats, or having another job(s) a certain level. There are no annoying thirst/hunger messages thankfully. The world isn't huge (at least not what I've seen), but it is a reasonable size. Unfortunately the mud has an extremely low population (noone has been active since I started playing about 8 hours ago).
Mud address:


Next up is Primordiax, this game I didn't play much really, however what I did play of it, I liked. There are a large number of things to do, quests, craft, harvest, roleplay, etc. The game itself is rather detailed, especially the crafting system. It also has a decent number of people on normally.
Mud address: Primordiax - The Fantasy, Role-Playing Game (MUD)


Safekeep - This has a very low population unfortunately, however there aren't levels, classes, or hunger/thirst messages. You can pick and choose skill and spell groups by spending CP (character points), which you acquire after gaining enough experience (kind of acts like levels, but CP is basically a currency for abilities). Items are randomly generated and load on mobs (higher difficulty mobs yield better gear), there are also boss mobs. It eventually leads to either sitting around waiting to quest, or farming for better equipment.
Telnet address: 4200


The 7th Plane is a rom mud that has been heavily modified and makes it feel like a godwars type mud. The crafting system is pretty nice, harvesting kind of gets annoying (skinning corpses mainly). It is of a decent size, however there are normally only a couple of people on at most.
MUD address: The 7th Plane


The last one that I will mention is "Dark Legacy", I used to play this game constantly, then I stopped playing muds for awhile. The harvesting and crafting system are really nice, there are quite a few players on at any given time and the world is pretty large (mainly because of the wilderness map). The combat is different to get used to, but once you do get used to it, you will most likely find it enjoyable. In combat you have to enter the commands you want to perform, and when the delay is over it will execute it (the factors for delay are encumberance and skills, possibly other stuff). There are tons of races, and plenty of customization. The leveling system allows for triple classing (play character to max level, then remort/reroll/whatever and pick second class, and then repeat), after becoming triple avatar you can then start going to epic dungeons.


Well, I hope that helped. If I can think of any others that may fit your request, I'll update this post.
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Old 01-01-2011, 07:11 PM   #3
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Saire is on a distinguished road
Re: Looking for something simple and fun

all of these sound good! I will definetely be checking them out! Thanks
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