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RP Kris
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Do you miss Dragon's Gate?

Dragon's Gate was a well loved MUD for many years until it closed several years ago. This caused many players to search for a new MUD home. For some, nothing seemed to really fit that void that was left.

If you are one of those people who still miss Dragon's Gate, you are doing yourself a disservice by not checking out Isles of Aedin. This is the first mud that I've played since Dragon's Gate that has the same general feel to the game. It was created and run by former DGate players who apparently missed the game as much as the rest of us.

It is a new world and new code, but the game mechanics and the feel of this game are very similar. The religions and races are different, but the history allows for racial and religious tension. I'm grateful for the effort that has gone into the history and feel of this world.

The mechanics are very similar, so an old Dragon's Gate pro should be able to jump in no problem. Even if you are a bit rusty, there is now an extensive help file system, a player assistance system, and helpful signs along the way. Some of these have been instituted very recently and I believe the game is ready for a influx of new players. So if you have tried it out before and wanted more players online, I would definitely give it a go again now.

Just like Dragon's Gate, RP happens on the game forums as well as in the game.

One of the best parts of this game is the dedicated and active administration. Within the past couple of weeks they have opened up a new area, instituted a new help system, and run a minor storyline arc. The storyline arc was minor but it worth mentioning because it shows the dedication of the staff and willingness to have the game evolve with the players. (I may have the facts wrong, but this is coming from the perspective of a player not "in the know".) A character indicated that they had come down with an illness. From this the game admin decided to institute a real illness on the game. They coded infectious creatures and the disease. At the prompting of characters again, they created a tent hospital and had the main city combating the illness in the manner suggested. They listened to their players and put in a lot of effort (including coding) to make the scenario interesting for the players.

Dragon's Gate might or might not come back and if it does I'm not sure what form it will be in. Isles of Aedin is going strong and growing.

The game is in open BETA so the player base is still growing. ( From all reports a player wipe is not planned at the end of BETA.) Honestly, all this game needs right now is more players.

If you aren't an old Dragon's Gate player, please come on over as well. I'll probably be creating a different post for those not familiar with Dragon's Gate, but I wanted at least to inform old Dgate players of this opportunity. Personally, I had stopped looking for a Dragon's Gate alternative a while ago, and I'm glad I found Isles of Aedin.

Edit: I've written an extensive post on the game for those who aren't familiar with Dragon's Gate.

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