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Ansible MOO

It is the 23rd century, and Mankind is not alone.

90 years ago, in the midst of World War Three, the Formics, better known as the Buggers, attacked Earth.

The first invasion, humans fought off by sheer attrition.

A generation later came the second invasion, and this time they won only because of one man: Mazer Rackham.

If they come again, humanity's defense would need many Rackhams.

The Battle School exists to find these new saviors of mankind.

Every 6 months, twenty of the Earth's most brilliant six-year-olds launch into space, bound for this school positioned in an undisclosed location.

There, they join other children, and train in the nuances of zero-gravity combat through classes and games - the heart of which is the Battleroom.

The training is unceasing, for the fate of the world rests upon small shoulders.
Ansible MOO is an online roleplaying game, a MOO, set in the universe of the Orson Scott Card novel "Ender's Game". With over a decade in existence and such features as a coded simulation of the battleroom to enhance the RP experience, Ansible continuously seeks new players ready to add their stories to the ongoing story of the Battle School.
To find out more information, visit our website at ANSIBLE, or point your favorite telnet client at, port 6000.


Okay, so that's our standard ad. Now some more:

We're caught in a catch-22 any MU* admin should be familiar with. Most of our playerbase has simply grown out of MU*ing. We're really small at the moment: 4-5 people logged on at any time, but they're virtually all admin, plus the occasional player that logs on basically at random. Until we reread our permission from Orson Scott Card, people thought we weren't allowed to advertise. I have no idea how to advertise effectively, thus, and am really sort of lost about how to attract players. We're just not willing to give up - Ansible can come back, of that I am certain...I just have to figure out how to get from here to there.

We're looking for people, basically. We need people like a fish needs water. Everybody starts out as a 6-year-old launchie (teacher characters are basically by application, before people ask), and while we have some requirements for new players, they're not hard - and speaking as the guy newly responsible for all things newbie, we can teach you MOO-related stuff easily. All you really need is a sense of humor as I figure out what doesn't work and so forth, and a pulse.

So, how about it?
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