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Exclamation OtherSpace: The Multiverse War begins!

Website: OtherSpace: Your Worlds. Your Stories.
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In recent months, the Zarist Supremacy allied itself with reptiloid Nall led by Vox Hurk of Hatch Vril and embarked on a campaign to eliminate or oppress those who would stand against the Supremacy.

Until now, the Multiverse Commonwealth had been content to remain neutral, as the Supremacy and their vicious Nall attack force seemed primarily interested in slaughtering Outversers who became refugees in Hiverspace after the rift crisis several years ago.

But then a Commonwealth ship fell prey to the Nall in the skies over the allied world of Pyracan. Aboard the doomed scout ship Elder Sight, 157 Hekayti crew perished. The Nall fighters that shot down the Elder Sight threatened several innocent civilians on the beach, but were in turn shot down by Pyracani defense forces.

Now, the threat can no longer be ignored. Now, the Commonwealth must answer the call to arms.

The war begins in Hiverspace. But how far will it spread?

Join the saga and find out!
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