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Dragonball Advent Truth - Play your Role!

Greetings MUDers, old and new alike

I'd like to offer you a chance to come be apart of the greatest Dragonball MUD out there. Whether you're new to MUDs or the Dragonball world in general, we here at Dragonball Advent Truth would like to see you stop by. This world runs parallel of the show and is a what-if senario. Made by Dragonball Truth creator, Iovan, Dragonball Advent Truth is a unique roleplay based world that offers a fresh change to all the generic Dragonball MUDs out there. It is a newbie friendly world, everyone is happy to see new faces and are willing to help them with any and all questions they may have about Dragonball Advent Truth. A few of the things we can offer you are destructible environments, custom ships to explore our vast space and visit our large collection of Dragonball based planets, unique Gravity system complete with Generators which can be programed for certain gravities, an interactive Shenron wish system that functions just like in the show, a large amount of Scouter Network channels as seen in the show, plenty of different Sensei and Trainers which allow you to make your character different than anybody else, and of course player and Immortal run events to encourage lots of player to player interaction.

We have a vast list of planets from the Dragonball universe already, Vegeta, Earth, and Namek to name a few, as while as zones unique to Dragonball Advent Truth, such as the SS Neo Nirvana, home of the outcast Truffles. Planets and zones are being added to our world all the time, an example of one would be Kanassa, the homeworld on the future perceptive Kanassans. We are also have an upcoming Saga which will offer plenty of opportunities to interact with other players. We are currently offering extra 5 Roleplay Points for the first log post on every User as well as 1 more Roleplay Point no matter what for every log, this will be active starting August 5th and will end on August 12th. RPP is a special currency seperate from the tradition zenni. It can be used to buy things that you can't get with in-game zenni. Some examples are custom attacks/equipment, your own personalized house, and unique races such as the ever popular Saiyan and the mysterious Hoshijin, a religious race of shapeshifters unique to Dragonball Advent Truth. So stop on by and give us a try, we will be waiting to see you. If you are interested visit our website [Here] for more information, post with any questions, or just connect directly.

[Port: 1280]

-Tyrael, Public Relations, Dragonball Advent Truth

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