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Days of Redemption

Greetings MUDders!

Adventures Unlimited has a large event scheduled to start on Friday September 30th at 6PM EST and run through 6PM on October 2nd. We are featuring the return of the Days of Redemption(DoR), what are the Days? Here is our help file on them:
The Days of Redemption are the time in which the clans of Tharel struggle
against one another to obtain the greatest amount of power. During the
one day competition, the clans will seek out and retrieve the holy and
unholy artifacts of the deities of the land and return them to their clan
halls. Each deity with a clan that follows them will have a number of idols
that is proportional to their power ranking ('help clanpower'). Thus
the clan with the highest power ranking at the time of the beginning of the
competition will have the most idols out in the land. All idols will be
valuable to all clans but the idol that is representative of each specific
clan's god will be more valuable to that clan. The idols must be pushed
back to the clan halls and into the gallery of that hall for the clan to
receive credit for the idol. An idol from your clan will be worth 10 points
in the competition and an idol from a different clan will be worth 5 points.

The idols also have value after the competition. They will bestow upon
the clan that possess them a 5 percent bonus for each one from their deity and
2 percent from other deities to tithing in the temple thus clans are encouraged to
invade ('help invade') other clan halls to recover these artifacts.

During some events, idol numbers will vary by multipliers of 2 or 3
depending upon implementor discretion.

Note: Please, if you intend to participate in the Days of Redemption, play
only one guilded character during the competition. It alleviates any
suspicions of multiplaying and makes controversies and disputes easier for
the immortal staff to resolve.
This event also coincides with the end of a multi-year building project of Barreston, a major original city and region of Tharel. It is an expansive 1500+ room project that expands the western side of our main Continent and our western ocean.

Check us out at Welcome to Adventures Unlimited, Text Based, MUD, RPG
Telnet: port 5005
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