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Depths of Chaos - Open for Beta 2

It has been a long haul, but we the staff at Depths of Chaos, believe we have something to offer the public in the way of unique gaming and roleplay opportunities, and so we have finally reopened Depths of Chaos game port for Beta 2 testing.

Much has changed since our first beta tryout, and below you will find a plethora of game features have been implemented to encourage roleplay and advancement of your characters in this detailed world. This is not everything the game offers, but a good idea of what you can expect to find there.


There are 5 clans available to join at the moment.

1. True Sons of Delmarii --

The revolutionary force in the game, hostile with the Nation of Delmar

2. Thieves Guild --

The neutral party within the skirmish, adverse with the Delmarii Guard and open fights are rare. This guild is responsible for much of the covert operations between the guilds. Jobs are available for gold earning.

3. Triad --

The religious foundation of Delmar. A combination of worshipers between Vitus, Akumen, and Terra. The Triad hold their own Military Power within the Nation of Delmar. Hostile with the Nation of Myddian and last appealed by the Followers of Necrosys.

4. Delmarii Guard --

The Local Law Enforcement, charged with keeping the peace and being the first line of defense within the City of Delmarii.

5. Merchants Guild --

The Foundation of Delmar's Economy. Banded by the Queen to offer employment opportunities to the Work Force of Delmarii. Special Contracts from the Palace are restricted to Merchant Guild Members only.

****Unorganized Jobs --

Only a messenger service job is available at the moment. The job starting location is in the Courthouse on the North side of Delmarii, along the Palace Road.

****Notes --

Ranged Weapons are available and functional.

Throwing weapons are available and functional.

Pregnancy Effects are Null at the moment, but the pregnancy code is up and functional. Updates to come.

Roleplay Experience System -- using say, sayto, and emote all grant roleplay experience that is used towards obtaining additional stat points. Also, the emote command has additional functions. Players can target both other players, npcs, and objects in the middle of an emote. Additionally, if a player can use speech in an emote by putting " " around the spoken text. Here is an example.

( emote casts a glance across the table at @akumen while scratching his chin, "Well? What is it bird brain?" )

this would turn out, like this...

a lithe human male with a crown of dark hair casts a glance across the table at a towering, regal avian with majestic white wings while scratching his chin, ' Well? What is it bird brain? '

The Recognize command is in and functional.

Each Race gets some sort of special talent, automatically on them. Example: Sea-Elves are always affected by aqua breath/Water Breathing.

There is an automap and compass feature for easy navigation, this will be turned on automatically after your creation process.

'Config Hint' this turns off hints... for those who cant wait for this hint to come up.

This game is not for the hack and slash lover, however, hack and slash content is available on an at your own risk policy. You are a mortal and death is a very real thing. However, death from a mob is NOT and I repeat, is NOT an IC Death. What I am meaning is that it takes time, persistence, and training to be a warrior. First time PvE'ers are advised that there is safety and strength in numbers. Or in this case, friends.

There are several roleplay positions available for pick up and only to the right people.

Positions include:

Rebel Leader
Master Thief
Militia Commander
Royal Guards
Royal Commander
Royal Queen
Royal Princess
Royal Prince
Arch Deacons of the Triad
Merchant Leader

These roleplay positions will only go to those who can demonstrate maturity because these roles are heavily powered.

There is much much more, but to list it all is rather lengthy. If you are interested, feel free to log in and play. Staff will be personally selecting a handful of players to be thrown into 'special' roles.

So, if any of this interests you, please feel free to join us at the host and port below, and help us create a detailed, in depth roleplay environment. For those of you just wishing to troll, you too can come try to break the place if you wish, we need help flushing out any remaining bugs anyway. So the roleplay already has begun, story lines, characters and plot lines already in place, so feel free to join us, and see if this is the roleplay home for you.

Thank you,


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KAMEO is on a distinguished road
Re: Depths of Chaos - Beta Open Update

So far I am truly thankful and pleased to see the level of interest we have had from those roleplayers still looking for that home, that they are endlessly combing the mud sites for. We have had a wonderful response so far and am thrilled to see roleplay occurring and building daily. If you are still searching for your RP home, please continue reading.

Depths of Chaos was created in part, as an alternative offered to the serious roleplayer who enjoys the mechanics of hack and slash but seeks also, the freedom and creative storytelling that MUSH's provide. While based heavily in the mechanics of D&D, Depths of Chaos is an all original world, with no stock areas, and some intricately planned unique features.

We offer you Ascentia, a world created by a small, but dedicated staff who imagined a MUD that delved into new levels of realism while maintaining an engaging fantasy to lose yourself in. Advancement on Depths of Chaos is almost entirely through roleplay, meaning, 'says', 'saytos', 'emotes' etc, all grant experience, while hack and slash elements exist in game, advancing in that manner will be slow and tedious and is meant as a way to forward your character when roleplay is unavailable. Learning skills is done through teachers and other characters in game and each and every spell and skill is potentially available to every character, so long as stat requirements are met. That does not mean you are able to obtain every single spell and skill, what it means is, with proper planning and stat distribution you can pick and choose from a wide variety of skills and spells, ones that suit -your- particular game play style and will make your character entirely unique from others in game.

A player can choose to create an adventurer from a variety of races, while developing said character through a classless, levelless system, delving deeply into the rich environment of Ascentia. Become a Dwarven miner bent on hording the riches you tirelessly pull from the mountains. Slip into the shadows as a Drow, serving his Matron's House with a brutal loyalty. Perhaps a more peaceful existence as a tavern owner is more to your liking, tempting the residence with ale and local fare to line your pockets with coins. Or, if political clout is more your thing, choose a path of power and luxury by laying claim to a nobility title and thusly able to shape the laws, own the lands and have legal access to the highly restricted use of magic. Is the wild and adventurous life of a criminal more to your tastes? The City of Delmarii Bastion is crying out for some brazen opportunists armed with entrepreneurial thinking.

Death on Depths of Chaos is a very real thing. Falling to a mob, is considered a defeat, while dying to a player character is an IC death and coming back from such an state should be considered a staggering and shocking event to say the least. A player will get one free return from the River of Souls, after that, all returns from the River is on a case by case basis and requires heavy roleplay influence to occur. Dying to a mob in Depths of Chaos is meant to be difficult, but it is not impossible.

Depths of Chaos presents an extended crafting system, offered player housing and businesses, and an environment that encourages interaction with your surroundings. Specialty races will be offered by application only, and granted to those who show a firm understanding of the mythos of the game and the rules that govern it. We have a small but quickly growing player base, and roleplay has been occurring daily since our opening January 1. There is in place, a large, global plot line in development, already affecting the characters that exist in game, plus a newly developing smaller plot that will help cement certain existing characters into new and interesting roles.

I hope you take a peek at us, we have several roleplay opportunities available for both the casual and dedicated roleplayer, and would welcome new story telling skills to our world.

Thank you,

Tempest, DoC Implementer

Home - Depths of Chaos

Depths of Chaos Wiki
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