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Exclamation Now Open: Demaria!

In Normalspace Variant 1, at coordinates 150, 217, you'll find that the planet Demaria has returned!

Home to the proud and preening felinoids known as Demarians, it is one of the key member worlds of the Stellar Consortium. The Demarians live in two primary castes: the rich and pampered nobles and the much less fortunate underclassers or commoners. For fun, Demarians like to pit their best warriors against each other in the combat arena so that they can fight to the death. So, it's not just about looking pretty and living high on the hog, it's about tearing your enemies apart and surviving to cover the scars in the finest fabrics.

Demaria's grid is not finished (nothing ever really is!), but the spaceport, main city center, and combat arena are open for players. Demaria is also now an option on the automated shuttle route.

So, app those new Demarians today!

OtherSpace MUSH 1790
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