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Bedlam: NPC's just got smarter; ranged combat

A flurry of recent changes in Bedlam we thought are worth sharing:
  • Your NPC companions will now understand complex orders (w;w;3 bash gua;wait 1;tell master I'm now buffing for you!). This includes speedwalking, delay timers, casting and using skills on demand. Soon to come, you will be able to configure triggers for your mercenaries. Beware: your NPC enemies have likewise grown smarter.
  • Unique ranged combat implementation (across rooms): warriors can master crossbows that deal significant damage; rangers are proficient in longbows that can damage as well as debuff the target; assassins can blow darts that can deliver very strong debuffs. More ranged attacks are coming soon.
  • New hotdots system allows for unique, fast-paced skills like "bleed" (which increases damage exponentially over time based on the number of "gashes" on the victim) as well as a host of exciting assassin skills ("flurry", "shadowstrike", "recover", "evade") that work in unison using "combo points".
  • In preparation for our upcoming crafting system, new item affects are in, including chance to deal critical damage, regen faster, deflect spells or melee attacks, boost any skill/spell/weapon mastery.
  • New depth to PC and NPC races: they now determine innate resistance or susceptibility to certain attack types (fire, ice, neural, spectral, wind, shake, electricity). They also determine wear slots (e. g. your charmed spiders can equip 4 pairs of leg-wear to become a formidable sight).
And finally, the obligatory mention of our awesome custom clients for Apple iPhone/iPad and the web (Firefox, Chrome, Safari), offering players a real-time auto-map and hundreds of other visual and tactical advantages.
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