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Stormhaven Shard - RP Graphical Mud

I'm not the owner or a staff member of the Stormhaven Shard, but I am a player and wanted to spread the word about this great experience. It just opened a couple of months ago, and it's already one of the best roleplaying, and gaming, experiences I've had and it's constantly being developed.

Stormhaven is a graphical mud, viewed from a isometric perspective in 2D. I used to play only textbased worlds, but I have to say being able to envision the beautiful, handcrafted, world that is provided is great. It also gives combat a quick, visceral feel.

The staff is helpful and is constantly running events and pushing the server's storyline forward. There has been some great roleplay involving all the happenings on the island!

Some of my favorite features:

Player run economy - If you like being social and just sit around and trade and craft various items, there's a very advanced system in place, and you will be needed by other players.

Community - Everybody is friendly (At least OOC) and the server is built so as to foster reliance on others around you. Nobody can do everything there is, so gathering up to face the challenges provided is essential.

Actual Roleplay - You may need to initiate it from time to time, but -everybody- actually roleplays. It's a very fresh breath from RP muds where most people just run around killing things and only considers their character their stat sheet.

Skills - Your character is developed by skills. You have to pick skills that you want to develop, you can't get them all. They're trained by experience points over time. It makes characters very unique, and leads to some hard choices. There's no classes at all, it's completely free form skill choices.

Some cons:

Setup - It's a pretty big download (although worth it) and the setup process can be a bit complicated. I had to ask for help in their IRC room to get it working for it. (I recommend going to the IRC room either way. Great people in there, and best place to ask questions)

Skills - It's pretty slow to gain skills ingame. I'm more of an instant gratification fan, and it's making me wait to max out and I don't like it.

Anyway, come join Stormhaven Shard! All places always need more talented roleplayers.
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Re: Stormhaven Shard - RP Graphical Mud

Just checked it out. Is this an Ultima Online FreeShard? I don't know how I feel about those.
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