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Emerald Dragon
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Below is a IC account of a Scenario that took place many years ago i thought i'd share it with you guys over here enjoy
A legend of olde was once told
Many moons ago when the wind was dark and cold two mages came to the Spur i think their names were Inspirin and Uriah if my memory serves me correct.

They brought with them dark orbs that would trap dragon and secian bondmates inside all the while slowly draining the essence from the dragon to keep them youthful the secian in turn feeling the life of their bond draining slowly would keep their dragon alive for all eternity.

Dragon and mortal alike battled with these mages for what seemed like forever.... Or so i am told.

Bodies lay strewn about the spur like a plague of Black Death
Consuming all in its path.

It was there amongst the stench of death the mortal Known as Stanrar took his place amongst the legends of Dragon kind.

It is said that when he slayed one of these mages he took the burden of the orb to hold and keep safe until they could figure out a way of releasing the trapped secian inside....

From what i am to understand if a Dragon or secian had touched these orbs they would have been drawn into its darkness.

Some say because no dragon was trapped inside the orb the secian, the orb actually had a reverse effect....

Stanrar the keeper of the orb took the negative effects, which caused him to age. No one knows for sure how much he actually aged but think it safe to say twos 100 Mortal years.

Days grew longer and nights seemed to stand still as the mages and dragons thought on how to free the little one inside this Dark Orb or Essence knowing that to smash the orb would kill the Secian instantly.

Finally after many moons of Study it was the Archmage Grohm
That found written in an ancient scroll a spell that would release the little one from this spherical Prison that had trapped her for what had seemed a perpetual eternity.

Many who were skilled in the magical arts including Depravato came forth to help cast this spell to release the little one...

No records were ever created of casting this spell in the presence of a dragon but Depravato insisted on being present to help.

So it was done, with the mages and clerics casting this spell on the Orb Stanrar held forth the secian was freed at last tired and withered but she recovered in time and was grateful to all whom helped free her.


Something strange and magical had happened to both Stanrar and Depravato in the process of casting that spell.

Some would later say they saw a small amount of Essence surrounding Depravato swirling around him like a torrent of small stars as the runes lingered in the brisk night air, leaping out of what mortals would call his soul.

Stanrar standing next to Depravato was mixed within this small torrent absorbing some of this radiant magical essence.
Actually causing him to regain his youth before their very eyes.

The days following this event were actually slow and quiet right up until the time Depravato became Depravato'a....

It is said that when Depravato staged his essence became more potent and because Stanrar was tied to Depravato’a sharing a small amount of his essence with Stanrar he was actually able to speak the ancient tongues of the Dragon race.

Some would later Call Stanrar the White Dragon or the Mortal Dragon.

So it was here the Legend of the White Dragon was born.

The Emerald
Lazrus Longtooth
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I still don't quite like that scenario. It tried to trick my drake into seeing her secian. Nearly drew her in too. Least I wasn't one of the ones who got my scales taken. Perhaps I'll relate the only scenario I've ever been involved in at some point

Thanks Laz!

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