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Dawn Mud

Hey all,

Old MUD getting back into shape again to create a friendly, fantasy based hack and slash environment once again for anyone interested and keen.

The MUD recently changed hosts and is currently being setup again so website is currently in the process of being brought back up online.

Quick details regarding the MUd..

It is fantasy based, e.g. humans, elves, drow, orcs and so on -- with future race additions.

It is skill based and a max skill level system with end game content.

There is player vs player but it is also in the process of a complete PvP system renewal which will be unique and rewarding for those who enjoy PvP and even those that dont.

Regarding above PvP - the MUD has racial specific raid zones which also promote player vs player environment but again, not a required thing if you don't like that style.

The end game content is pretty damn good and challenging with loads more additions being added.

Smithing is currently in for armours and weapons but again, will be in renewal process for more unique and detailed system.

There is plenty more obviously and a lot will be happening to make it even better.

Oh, and roleplaying encouraged greatly.

P.S. Keep in mind that it is in the building stage again but there is still tons of stuff to do whilst it is being over hauled and expanded.

IP address is and port is 3000

Hope to see you there. If you would like further information reply or come drop in and see for yourself and talk on the chat channels.


P.P.S. Sorry, I forgot to mention the type of MUD ( silly me ) It is an LPMUD based of the OLD discworld style mud.

P.P.P.S I would also like to add, if you are looking for a place to learn to code C or already know how to code and are looking for a fantasy style LPMUD to reside, please drop in and see myself or Morrigan, or reply on this topic.

We are always willing to teach new coders and welcome new coders the mud to help out.


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