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Hey all,

Just letting everyone know that this MUD is still in existence. It had some down time but we have brought it back up recently and are working to get it back up to speed and more in line with todays MUD's.

I have already advertised for Staff positions and now I would like to advertise for any people who would like to come visit and hopefully make it their new home.

The MUD is an LPmud based on the Forgotten Realms fantasy with a variety of Races and Guilds to choose. It is a hack and slash style with max level system but you don't have to hack and slash, you can just relax in the Taverns and chat to other people on or even better, sail the oceans!

Yes, we have a vast ocean where you can sail boats, capture boats and be attacked or attack pirates whom are also sailing.

There is end game content with specific raiding type NPC's to keep those that enjoy that entertained.

There are oganizations / clans available for all the Races as well and racial specific areas where you can launch attacks on and raid.

Player Killing at the moment is open, but we are working on a unique system that offers reward for those who do enjoy PvP.

The website is getting redone and sorted out again, so the Domain is not quite set up, but, you can visit the current one at

The login details are ----> 3000

My name is Derali, obviously and I am the God on this MUD. If you require any assistance and I am there, please feel free to ask any questions on the chat channel available.

P.S. There is a new global newbie area/system being completed as well which will spice things up and help those that are new out easier.. Sadly, not done as yet but soon.

Anyways, hope to see some new faces.

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