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Looking for builders.


Initial Vision: To create a MUD, heavily influenced by DnD3.5 rules in mechanics, integrating the code-bases: TBA/CWG/d20. With an original world inspired by the Bible, Dragonlance and Forgotten Realms stories. Above all, to build a safe and friendly community of like-minded gamers to socialize and advance characters in.

A Note from the Lead Designer/Coder and Owner of LuminariMUD
Iíve been a player/coder and builder in the MUD community for many years. Some basic demanding traits are required to endure. Commitment first and foremost, goal-oriented and self-motivated staff is vital as well. Sacrifice Ė for whatever reason that drives the individual, you have to be able to work through the bad times which can often outnumber the good times. You have to, if you are a leader, lead by example. If you are under someone elseís leadership, prove yourself to be an asset and work hard.
Creating a MUD is not a heavily rewarding experience. You can spend tens, hundreds even thousands of hours working on it just to get a small player-base that complains all the time. The only real appeal is that the work itself is rewarding. If you can adapt that attitude, then you can have a successful experience regardless of the outcome.
As the lead on this project, Iím committed to the initial vision Ė and Iím committed to hard work. Hopefully together we can make this project a success.

Luminari Staff Positions:

Website Designer/Manager (Blog) Staff/Senior Staff
Website Designer/Manager (Forum) Staff/Senior Staff

Help File Lead Staff/Senior Staff
Help File Creator/Editor(s) Staff/Senior Staff

World and Lore:
Lead World Design Forger
Lead Lore Design Forger
Lead Scripter Forger
Quest Designer(s) Staff/Senior Staff
Builder(s) Staff/Senior Staff

Code, Mechanics Designer:
Lead Programmer Forger
Lead Game Designer Forger
Programmer(s) Staff/Senior Staff

Game Administration:
Lead Administrator Forger
Administrator(s) Staff/Senior Staff

Staff Position Description

Website Designer/Manager (Blog) Currently Held By: Zusuk
To create, design and manage all content of the blog aspect of the website. Content will be at the very least minimum weekly updates of code changes.
Maintenance of the Web Forum

Website Designer/Manager (Forum): Currently Held By: Ambanya, Zusuk
To create, design and manage all content of the forum aspect of the website. Content includes all community discussion, and will require maintenance, organization of content, and other responsibilities.
Maintenance of the Web Blog

Help File Lead: Currently Held By: Zusuk
To organize a system for keyword content of help files. Organizing and designing the primary ĎHELPí command formatting. Add help files as needed. Needs to be in good communication with programmers on understanding the content that gets added to the game.
No building responsibilities

Help File Creator/Editor(s) Currently Held By: Pathos, Zusuk
Adding help-file content for any conceivable topic that would assist player in navigating the MUD

Lead World Design (Head Builder) Currently Held By: Vaprak
Design maps and layout of lands, attach zones in appropriate areas. Establish building-standards, rules and stylistics. In charge of making sure world creation meets goals in a timely manner. Assist new builders in building and scripting.
Expected to create the world with the tools provided and to maintain the TBA codebase standards for building techniques.

Lead Lore Design Currently Held By: Ambanya
Designs all aspects within the realm of game-lore. Including stories, world background information, world-inhabitants relationship, etc.
Creating lore that isnít consistent with the base rules of content: There is only one true G-d in Luminari lore. Also to stay within the realm of reasonable Dungeons-and-Dragons content.

Quest Designer(s) Currently Held By: Orme
Take leadership in making sure quests are consistent in rewards and that they match with the Lore content.
Creating ALL the quest content, the responsibility lies on the builders

Builder(s) Currently Held By: Ambanya, Bakarus, Zusuk, Orme, Shade, Taure
To create the world, scripts and quests for players to explore.
Under jurisdiction of Lead Builder

Lead Scripter Currently Held By: Orme
To create universal scripts for the builders to use, to help support and answer questions about scripts

Lead Programmer Currently Held By: Zusuk
Divide amongst the coders work-load. Oversee consistency in code-content that enters the Subversion control. Manage backups and SVN content. Makes final decisions on technique for implementation and coding-standards.
Authority limited to code

Lead Game Designer Currently Held By: Zusuk
Decide game rules for in-game systems and mechanics. Overall vision for project direction. Management of project to achieve goals in timely manner.
Authority doesnít include building-standards, lore or deciding coding technique. Also not an administrator.

Programmer(s) Currently Held By: Zusuk, Bakarus
Implement game mechanics.
Answers to Lead-Programmer, authority limited to code.

Lead Administrator Currently Held By: Bakarus
Lead management of administrators. Maintain peace between staff and players, implement rules-of-conduct for player and staff behaviour.
The rules of behaviour have to be consistent with Judeo-Christian ideals: Do not do unto others that you donít want done to yourself.

Administrator(s) Currently Held By: Bakarus, Zusuk
Assist in enforcement of conduct rules between players and players, staff and staff. Invest time and patience in new players (newbies).
Under management of Lead Administrator
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Turxx is on a distinguished road
Re: Looking for builders.

General Guidelines of Staff Conduct

Initial ideas for the world are:
Worldmap for navigation between zones
Allows for expansion of system including vehicles, etc
Heavily quest and story orientated progression
Keeps players involved to see advancement of a story
Heavy usage of scripting to create a ďliving and breathingĒ world
To not take out any stock zones, but redesign them to fit our environment
Keeps content high
Keeps mud-stats high
Allows some familiar zones for those who have affectionate memories of some of the stock zones
The goals for Beta in mechanics and code have already been established. The allowance for change in direction is limited due to time-related goals. After Beta, major changes in system CAN be considered.
Very simple to understand the mechanic goals: view any d20/DnD3.5 rules website to get the idea
The lead designer is choosing what to implement and what not to implement based on
Past experience on what systems work
Ideas coming from the staff should be well thought out to avoid clutter. If you have a lot of ideas, itís best to start a Forum-Topic and post them under your topic, then go to town
Bugs and Typos do NOT need to be thought out at all, if you even slightly think something is a Bug/Typo, do not be afraid to report it
Builders or Builderís Leadership should NOT try and change the standards and system established by TBA Ė that would destroy our primary community of potential builders.
One of the big advantages of using TBA codebase is the active community
Itís OK to discuss with other leadership ideas in their field of leadership, but remember whose field of leadership it isÖ and AVOID arguing if that leadership makes a decision; exampes:
If you are the Lead Designer or Lead Builder, donít try to trump the Lead Admin (for example in establishment of in-game player-to-player rules)
If you are the Lead Designer or Lead Admin, donít submit lore or content that isnít consistent with the Lead Builder/Lore
If you are the Lead Builder/Admin, donít try to insist on game mechanics or design of OLC interface, etc
Try to be at least a little respectful and sensitive to any individuals who are committing a lot more of their effort/work into the MUD
Do NOT take otherís time for granted, if you ask a coder to do something that takes 10 hours of his time, you should be prepared to do that much work in return for the coder
Although the Lead-Designer does tend to heavily implement ideas submitted by the community, the default expectation is quite simple: we do NOT customize the MUD to individual preferences.
Leadership positions individuals are expected to lead by example
Life comes first, but if you canít handle the responsibilties and time investment of leadership, you should try to find a replacement
ANYONE has a right to request the code
ANYONE can request a copy of their zone at any time, but see the on-line DISCLAIMER help file for details on the MUDís rights with the builders zones
REMEMBER: Ultimately, if push comes to shove, the owner does have a right to trump decisions that arenít in-line with the initial vision. Or if he knows the idea to be ineffective base on past MUDding experience.
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