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Avendar: Hot New Update

Just how hot is it?

Very hot. Very very hot.

One of Avendar's six magical scholar classes, fire scholars are known in the MUD as one of the most lethal, but perhaps also the most boring of classes. Flamestrike this, fireball that. Phoenix fire, implosion, boom! Smoking ruin and devastation, and...more smoking ruin and devastation.

But since our recent update, they're now one of the most interesting classes Avendar has to offer. Changes to fire scholars include 3 new specializations and 5 new dual-sphere customizations:

Greater fire scholars (those who focus only on mastering fire) can now access one of three specializations:
  • Path of the Raging Inferno: these magi embrace the destructive nature of the Inferno, channeling its power towards havoc and carnage. (most similar to previous fire scholars).
  • Path of the Golden Flame: these scholars seek out the deeper mysteries of the Flame, bending it to their wills.
  • Path of the Flameheart: these dedicants transcend their mortal nature, drawing upon Fire to become partially elemental themselves.

But not only have fire scholars just become 3 times more interesting: those fire scholars who dabble in other magics have also gotten some attention. Dual-sphere scholars of fire now also receive additional spells based on their minor sphere!
  • Fire/Water: a mage of these spheres gains mastery of thermics even as he blends creation and destruction to great effect.
  • Fire/Earth: a scholar of these magics combines chaos and order, growing in mastery of both.
  • Fire/Void: an adept of these arts is greatly feared as a master of both havoc and damnation.
  • Fire/Spirit: a priestess of these planes calls holy fire down on her foes, rending all who would deter her cause.
  • Fire/Air: drawing on chaos itself, a sorcerer of these studies turns misdirection deadly

So we're very excited about this update, having added essentially 8 new playing experiences.

We welcome anyone and everyone to come by and give one of our hot new fire scholars a try.

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