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Avendar Event: Scary Stories Contest

When: Sunday Oct 27th at 9PM US Eastern

We'd love to have some new players come by to participate or listen in! If you'd like to do either, you'll want to become a little familiar with our setting beforehand (at least well enough to navigate from the traditional 'central area' in Var Bandor, to Hjarmal's Ale Room in Krilin Fortress).

Fallian Berming: Tale-Telling Contest
Thu Oct 3 12:10:43 2013
To: all
Greetings and good day, folk of Avendar!

Many of you will have heard of me, Fallian Berming, gleeman of Krilin. If
you haven't, my friends, you have been sadly missing out--I offer some of
the finest entertainment to be had on this side of the Dantaron! Stop by
Hjarmal's Ale Room sometime to enjoy a story or song (the ale isn't half bad

I'm once again sponsoring a tale-telling contest. I can always use some new
stories to freshen up my collection. But not just any tales--these need to
be the shiveringest, heart-thumpingest, chillingest, thrillingest spook
stories you can tell! If I judge your tale to be the most flesh-crawlingly
entertaining of the lot, you'll win a purse of platinum and a bit of
fame--I'll be sure to mention your name when I retell the story in the

Just a note about how this will go down: anyone can join in--no bard
training needed--but it shouldn't take *too* long to tell your tale (OOC: RL
20 minutes or less) and it has to be original.

So, start working on those stories. And we could use a proper audience, so
if you're one to just listen in and enjoy a good scare or three, you're
welcome to join us all the same!

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