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Aarchon October 2013 Updates and Recap

Aarchon saw over 35 updates in October, with some of the more notable changes listed below

  • Offensive combat mechanic change : Movement points can be used in combat to increase damage output. Berserk is no longer required for this mechanic however it does provide a greater bonus (at an additional cost). You can set a movement threshold with the "calm" command
  • Frenzy no longer has alignment restrictions imposed upon it.
  • Lua scripting saw many major updates and bug fixes, including the addition of a built-in Lua interpreter. See help newalter for all updates.
  • Stat rolling is less randomized and the default roll was significantly increased. This allows players to create competitive characters without requiring the use of triggers. This also has dropped the ceiling of the maximum stat roll to prevent those who use triggers to roll their stats from having exceptionally high stats.
  • You can now clear your command queue with the '&' command.
  • Core gunslinger skills burst, semi-auto, and full-auto have been tweaked and improved to be more consistent in power.
  • Website URLs beginning with 'https' and 'www' are now automatically parsed on channels, creating clickable links via MXP. Http functionality still exists.
  • Crafting code was cleaned up and 12 new pieces of armor and weapons have been added. There are also 3 new materials that can be extracted.
  • A new weapon flag, 'storming' was added and is featured on one of the new craft-made weapons.
  • We have added a link to a powerful MXP-enhanced web client, offered by The Mud Portal. Click here to play.

In addition to the above changes, our "Shadow" quest has come to a conclusion. Stay tuned next month for our Annual Thanksgiving Turkey Hunt quest.

-Astark : 7000
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