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The Abandoned Realms Resurgence!

Greetings fellow mudders!

I'd like to let you know about the exciting transformations that The Abandoned Realms has been going through. We have been up and running since 1997 so chances are you've tried the MUD or heard of it. Recently we have made several massive changes that have resulted in a boost in playerbase, including but not limited to:

New MONK class - harness your chi and and use your body as the ultimate weapon! Will you adapt a defensive style and evade your enemies, or take an offensive stance and strike like a tiger?

New RACES - play as a JOTUN - a race of giants that are able to follow the path of the paladin or dark-knight. Play as a QUASIT - a race of mischevious imp-like beings that are masters of trickery and magic. Create your own CUSTOM RACE through roleplay and application - have you always wanted to play as a centaur/kobold/troll/treant/etc but have never found a mud that will let you? Select your base race and roleplay how you please to have your race permanently changed.

New CABAL dynamics - master your martial abilities and become a ruthless WARLORD, beating your enemies into submission and creating an immortal record of achievements. Join the MYSTIC cabal and help to nurture the realms and help new players. Become a HERALD and put your pen to work, chronicling the events of the realms, writing poems or whatever you desire. Join the LEGION or the KNIGHTS OF VALOUR and wage the epic battle between good and evil. Capture items of power from other cabals to drain their coffers and dampen their power!

New EXPERIENCES - only have an hour here and there to play? Log on during one of our regularly scheduled SURGES to gain double the experience and improve your skills at double the rate!

New ABILITIES for classes - berserkers, dark-knights, illusionists, invokers, necromancers and clerics have had some MAJOR overhauls. Invokers can specialize in a certain school of magic (fire/ice/earth/lightning) and shaman/healers can choose to serve a specific deity to receive special boons! If you have liked these classes in the past, you will love them now! Many more improvements are in the queue!

New RACIAL LEGACIES - special bonuses or abilities for select race/class combinations. Witness the legendary fortitude of dwarven berserkers or try with futility to track the elusive elf ranger through the forest. There are many racial legacies implemented, with more to come.

New FEEDBACK mechanisms - our forum is heavily utilized by both players and Immortals. Make suggestions for new changes, give feedback on things you do or don't like, or just chat with your fellow players. If you have a problem with a player (harassment, rule breaking, etc) - use our in-game complaint system or pray to speak directly with an Immortal. We always value player feedback and take suggestions and criticisms seriously.

New MUD CLIENT - playing at a different computer than normal? No need to download Zmud/Mushclient/Gmud/etc - Just use the custom built client from the abandoned realms homepage! It includes triggers, macros and aliases!

The Abandoned Realms is a roleplaying, playerkilling mud with a terrific community. Improve your skills and equipment to rise from obscurity to power by slaying your foes or by forging alliances with others through diplomacy. Whatever your style, you have the opportunity to become a dominant force in this amazing world.

Come ye, to The Abandoned Realms - and you will never be the same.

Abandoned Realms Homepage
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