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Avalon: The Legend Lives 26th Anniversary is TODAY!

I don't post here much but having read this on the Avalon forums I am splashing it around a little:

Today officially marks the day that Avalon: The Legend Lives turns TWENTY SIX years old since its inception in late 1989. This time last year the game had just begun its regrowth and return to intensive development after a quiet period in 2013/14 and we celebrated the 25th anniversary with an Ordination - an Avalon-wide quest in which the victor earns the right to become a God and Elmaethor, god of the stars was ordained (that's me!)

The year that followed has been a rollercoaster ride! Avalon's growth and development has continued non-stop ever since and the additions and evolutions to both the gamesystem and the playerbase (the seeds of a new generation hitting record levels of activity) can be seen every single day in the land. There has never been a better time to join the fray and stamp your mark on a history that began with huge ambitions over a quarter of a century ago. Some of Avalon's features include:

*Over 2000 abilities across 9 class choices each with diverse specialisations and advanced powers; great Sorcerers, altruistic Druids, noble Knights, wicked Thieves, Seers working their palantir and voodoo and fatalist curses and more.

*Unmatched PvP where there are few rules, high stakes and huge consequences and where only skill will bring you to victory - many games boast skill based PvP yet nowhere but Avalon can even the most grizzled of veterans lose a battle to a more talented newbie.

*Fully fleshed out trade, economics and crafting with over sixty unique commodities, all with individual methods of production leading to the merchant-empire-building meta-game of great wealth and riches.

*Legion warfare between ALL factions of the most developed kind of any game - over three dozen specialist military skills including trenches, tunnels, minefields, mortars, arrows, formations, armourforms, rivermastery, oil-cauldrons and barricades in a system rewarding strategic battlefield play where the stakes are the very land itself - nothing is safe from the potential destruction.

* Thousands of quests, experiences, deeds and achievements, some not performed in over a decade.

Avalon's narrative is written solely by its players - all of the wars, treaties, trade agreements, schemes, plots, plans, invasions, conquests and even the eradication of a major city have been conducted with the mortals at the epicentre and the timeline of Avalon history details some of the remarkable events that have taken place over the last 26 years - and is continually updated.

The Avalon world is a veritable powder keg of activity and never has there been a better time to join its ranks and - as the longest running online game in history - we don't expect the curtain to fall any time soon...
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