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Imperian in 2016

Our focus for 2016 is three pronged: Events, revamping existing systems, and releasing new systems.

Role Play and Events

Our primary focus for the year will be larger, monthly events. These will build from the Legion event from this week. We have planned a long story line that will take place over the entire year of 2016. I would love to tell everyone what that story line is exactly, but that would ruin all the fun. Elokia and Hexe have spent a good amount of time planning events for each month. The events will also try to release a nice chuck of lore as well. I will say that we are moving slightly away from orcs and horde and focusing more on the unique elements of Imperian.

We already have the next main storyline event ready to take place at the end of January, in addition to a couple other smaller events this month.


We are planning to look at updating our shard and obelisk conflict systems, to make them more interesting once again.

We are looking at altering how we run the classlead rounds - instead of one big irregular round, we're going to run three small quarterly rounds (with no major changes accepted), and one big round per year aimed at bigger updates.

We will continue with the remaining profession revamps - only two left to go!

Along with the revamps, we are looking at introducing a couple new combat mechanics to make damage-oriented professions more interesting to play - these are proving a bit too simplistic, with limited options for counter-play. More on this later!

New Systems

We have designed a large reputation system that will significantly expand the usefulness of townes. It includes dynamic daily quests, generated towne mob citizens, and a reputation system that culminates in the creation of merc followers which can be used by players in challenges, simplified quests, towne politics, and possibly towne raids. This system will replace the current merc system. Yes, we will be converting or refunding players that have invested into the existing system.

In addition existing towne mobs and quests will be updated and improved throughout the year as we focus on improving the towne/city connection.

We also have a couple of other new systems we are considering, however we are going to hold off on announcing these until we deliver what we are promising here.

You can play Imperian in your browser, right here: Imperian
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