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Aetolia: The Three Widows War, and more!‏

Here's an update on what's been going in Aetolia the last few weeks!

The War of the Three Widows

Earlier in the month, players found themselves doing battle in the Three Widows region. The Atav, forbearers of the Atavians, descended from their home known as the Skythrone and made war on the people of Mount Hubride and Heylai. Enslaving many of the dwarves and trolls that dwell there, the Atav offered much to the people of Sapience in return for the delivery of their slaves. In a stunning turn, the cities of Sapience struck a blow against the Atav overlords and set out to quell the threat of the raiders that harried the free peoples of Hubride and Heylai.

After much bloodshed, the war came to a close and, with the support of Spinesreach, a new republic has been formed in the Three Widows!

Read more here:

Toxicology and Syssin
Toxicology has become a Mercantile skill and now anybody can pick it up and learn the art of mixing venoms!

As a result of venom creation going public, Syssin have lost their Venom skillset. The Subterfuge skill has been split into two skills, Assassination and Subterfuge, to replace the loss of Venom with new skills being added and some of the existing skills updated.

Welcome Back Package
We know that coming back to Aetolia after a long absence can be difficult - all your possessions have turned to dust on you and it's a struggle to get it all sorted when all you want to do is just jump straight back into playing. So to help with that, we've introduced the Welcome Back package!

If you have not played Aetolia for 90 days, you can type WELCOMEBACK once you've logged in. This will set you up with some of the basics such as cures, clothes, and armour, and get you back onto the ground running.

We've brought the art of papercrafting to Aetolia! A talent, papercrafting allows players to make stylized letters, books, posters, and much more!

The Gates of Moghedu
After several decades of isolation, Queen Nesvenai has announced the re-opening of the city of Moghedu! Completely rebuilt, the new city marks the end of Mhun oppression and ushers them into a new age of prosperity.

The Wheel of Fates
The Wheel of Fates has returned to Aetolia as part of our March promotion! Log in each day to test your luck against fate, and give the wheel a free spin for a prize.

Coming up.. !
Blood stirs on the wind deep within the Morgun, flames race across the Ithmia as the leylines shift and the satyr prepare for the struggle to come, and all the while strange arcane entities have awoken within the hall of the Ascendril.

We also have some small changes to the Sentinel class to improve their combat performance that are currently in testing. Look forward to those in the near future!

Log in today to keep up with what's going on!
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