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The Multiverse of Threshold - The Universe Goes Boom and is Reborn

Threshold is in the midst of a massive world event that has been building for the last few months. This is an excellent time for new players or former players to jump into Threshold and be part of a plot that is changing and reshaping this 20+ year old game world.

What Has Happened So Far?

The planet upon which Threshold exists, Primordiax, was the crux of a cataclysmic cosmic event. There was an incredible concentration of Void Energy in a single dense location (the Sludge Analyzer), and the universe tried to maintain equilibrium by balancing it with Creative Energy.

The Fountain Infuser was completed and that Void Energy was suddenly obliterated. It turns out destroying the essence if nihility is not a good idea. The result of destroying negative energy, while simultaneously having no outlet for its counterbalancing positive energy, was a catastrophe. In an attempt to vent this positive energy, a being of creation, Aryoch, opened an infinite number of wormholes to other dimensions, mixing matter and energy between alternate universes. Some universes received more matter and energy than they could contain, destroying them in the process.

You now reside in one of those universes: with people from innumerable different versions of Primordiax. They have different memories, different backgrounds, different origins, and different fates. Many of the people you thought you knew, may now have a completely different life history, guild, clan, race, religion, or even gender.

What caused the Void Sludge in the first place? When all that Creative Energy was drawn into one place, what happened elsewhere? Was anything wrong (deliberately, accidentally, or incidentally) with the research upon which the Sludge Analyzer and Fountain Infuser were based? Were either of these devices sabotaged? How will you proceed? How will old feuds be impacted? Are the gods the same? Do they have the same rivals? What is Aryoch? And what of this threat: the Void? How can it be fought when it is clear that destroying it is to destroy oneself?

How to Participate?

Web client:

Other client options:

port: 23

See you on Threshold!
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