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Newworlds will become famous soon enoughNewworlds will become famous soon enough
The Council of Masters


Our Story Thus Far:

The World of Ateraan on New Worlds Ateraan has a lot of benefits to interest the new, casual, or serious roleplayer, but I wanted to remind the roleplayers out there that Ateraan is the place for true intense, interactive, and player controlled politics.

Ateraan has a Kingdom and a Southland for players to start in. The Southland is a harsh land of city states and one of the most intense if not the largest is Darmahk where you start as a slave, servant, or conscript. But this story is not about the Southland, it is about the Kingdom.

In the Kingdom you begin as an Immigrant who through training, social, political and skill make your way into one of the several guilds offered in the Kingdom. Each Guild has two Leaders or Masters and even outside of the Guild are positions of leadership and power like the World News Editor, the Head Marshall of Security, the Immigrant Master over new Immigrants, and Barons who are part of the Royal class. Players can earn these positions and over the years these same players have created what is known as the Council of Masters (sometimes called the Council of Leaders).

Current Story:

Recently, a group from the Southland under the leadership of a diabolical powerful cleric of the Dahkoar faith (this faith follows the God of Darkness and are all players in the game) have murdered and caused mayhem in the Kingdom. In response to these actions an order from Royalty banned the clerics of Dahkoar and in anger a follower of Dahkoar in the Kingdom Garrison attacked several religious followers of Waylumi (the Goddess of Light). Others from the southlands also attacked and killed those protected by Druids.

This escalation of aggression caused a missive to be written to the Council of Masters in the Kingdom. This Council, comprised of 15 players, met in an emergency quorum to discuss what could be done. Through dozens of hours of roleplay and activity the Masters are even now forming plans of action and activity that is a hallmark of playing on Ateraan. One Gnomish Leader has even gone so far as to quit the Council in order to protect his home city of Domplin (a city of gnomes) and is forming alliances with all gnomes on Ateraan.

Even you want to participate with 100's of others in a large community of roleplayers who enjoy this intimate detail of player controlled religious, political, social, and royal leadership you should join New Worlds Ateraan at

This is a game where roleplay and adventure meet for intense enjoyment.

See you there!
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Join Date: Aug 2007
Name: NewWorlds
Home MUD: New Worlds
Posts: 1,376
Newworlds will become famous soon enoughNewworlds will become famous soon enough
Re: The Council of Masters

I forgot to add the Players involved in this Council of Masters so if you log on you will be able to note who they are by name. Just check the who list or if you run into them which isn't hard as they are on the game frequently.

This is a copy of a letter sent from the Lord Seneschal in the City of Gahlen of the Kingdom listing the council members:

Council Members:

As requested by the Duke your group has been renamed under the
Articles of Governance as the Council of Masters and led by
the Baron Jaregon as the liason with Royalty. As before you are
governed by your own Council decisions which will be reviewed
and ratified by the Duke coming from the Baron through me.

Guild Master Arten has created a nice format for meetings and
organization that I leave to your council to decide on using
this or a modification of the same.

There has been some change in Leadership, namely in the Guild of
Druids as Master Silenthi replaces Fericia and Vehk. As of this
change the present leadership in the Council of Master is the

Leader: Baron Jaregon
Secretary: Merchant Drustian
Druids: Silenthi
Garrison: Mailaetane
Mages: Orikrosdam
Merchants: Arten
Waylumi: Shora
Guides: Morgil
Justice: Gulioch
News: Drustian

Lord Seneschal,
In Service to the Duke of Gahlen
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