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Lightbulb The Great Hunt Returns, Loads of New Features/Fixes

A notice has been attached to the door of The Pipe and Ivories Tavern in Hardbuckler:

ATTENTION! Fullstaff, Agent of Sanctus, has reported an overpopulation of local Jackalope wildlife. Clearly someone has been breeding them, and this, can mean no good. We must stop the spread of this growing menace now. Will you help me? All hunters will be rewarded, but as special incentive, the hunter who returns with the most carcasses will receive a special reward, to be announced the day of the hunt. ALL ABLE HUNTERS ARE ENCOURAGED TO ATTEND!

This notice is approved by signature and the seal of the City of Sanctus.

(Thazull will be leading the staff in holding a Hunting event on Thursday May 7th at 7 PM EST and will run for 24 hours in order to accommodate all time zones The rewards will be worth your attendance! This event is for players of all levels! Contact Staff on our Discord server or in-game for further information.)

More News:

April has been a massive month for Luminari with lots of change, new staff onboard, new systems being added, tweaks to races and classes and as always updates to quests and world content. The full change log is included at the bottom of this post, but please find a list of highlights below. Also massive thanks to Vodur lending his extensive knowledge in tracking down some bugs and cleaning up the code base, and Valde for his work on extending and improving our custom Mudlet GUI package.

Major Change:

Prebuilt Class Templates are in! This new system from Gicker will open up the game massively for new players, especially those unfamiliar with Pathfinder, making an easy transition to the world of Luminari.

Other Changes:

New automated player auction system
New mission/bounty system
New staff-ran event system
Tweaks to improve Trelux Epic Race
Equipment and mobs added / tweaked across a number of low level / leveling areas
Availability of resource harvesting nodes has been increased
Monks have been given the Spring Attack Feat for free at level 5
Multiple additions to help files and hints
Upgraded Berserker Feats including the return of their Raging Critical Feat
Script fixes and enhancements into the ever expanding Main Quest Line
Added a donation room for high level players to automatically donate gear to new players from wherever they are in the world
Added Epic Levels for Alchemist including New Bomb Mastery Feats
Multiple bug fixes / code improvements
+Much more!
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