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phate_gurl is on a distinguished road

please could some one help me?
i have never ever been involved in ne kind of mud b4
i have just finished reading a book which has got me hooked on the idea of getting involved
i would really be grateful if some one woul be patiant enough to guide me through how to get started up (step by step)

will you help ?
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Kyrene is on a distinguished road
First is to choose a mud you find interesting. With that accomplished, you can connect to several using telnet or download a client. I'd suggest gmud for first time gamers, it's easy to use and free.

After you've chosen a mud and have a client or telnet to use, create a character! To connect to the game using gmud: Click on the connect button in the upper left corner of gmud. A little window will pop up. The game you've chosen to play consists of a connection address and port number. This is where you add that information. Put the connection address (could be a or something similar or an IP address) where it says Host Name. Then put the port number where it says Port. Then click the Add button at the bottom of the window. Another little box will come up asking for the world name. Just put the name of the mud you chose to play and click OK. Now, select your mud from the list and click Connect.

A few games require account setup, others you just create a character and start playing. Just read everything on the screen and follow the instructions.

After you've connected to the game, read help newbie and any suggested files for getting started. Just about every game will have assistance available for a newbie, so don't feel intimidated, some are confusing but with a little patience you'll get the hang of it soon

Good luck!
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