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Hello everyone.  

I joined the MUDing community as well as this forum about a year or so ago. I've been posting on and off, and I think I've never written one of these. Now, since I think I will be posting more these days, I thought I'll post a little something about myself.

Well my name is Monique, but online I go by the name Realedazed.  I'm 21 years of age and I'm a Leo. I love Roleplay games. I got into MUDs mainly because the crowd I hang around are not really into table top, pencil and paper RPG, so MUDing and such seemed like the easiest way for me to enjoy my new hobby.  Since then, I've gone to Community College and found a few more like myself. Currently I am a few weeks from starting up a Vampire: the Masquerade game.

But, anyways,  back to the MUDs.  I really enjoy fantasy RP type games.  I've played Inferno, Dragon's Gate and Dragonrealms.  All are pay to play. Now that I'm back in school, I'm the typical broke college student, so I'm back to the free MUDs. I used to think that only p2p games had good RP. I was wrong, of course.

I then found Armagedon, Harshlands and the Shadows of Isidur (sp?). All games seem fun, but Arm was too harsh, Harshlands was a bit hard to get into, and SoI..well is a good game, I'm just tired of Tolkien. Also, I feel kinda dumb because I've only read The Hobbit. I may go back in a while, though.

Currently, I play on this game called Evarayn. Its a very nice game: mandatory RP, crafts and stuff like that. Hopefully it'll hold my interest long enough for me to establish a nice character there.

At some point I'd like to work on a game.  I haven't really found that  game yet, though. I would love for it to be a RPI MUD..or maybe even a MUSH. I may try one of those out one day.

Anyway, that is the story of me and my MUD history. Is you made is this far: Great!  And I'm sorry for boring you.
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