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Abandoned Realms MUD

RankTop MUD SitesHits InHits Out
81 Winterkill is a fantasy MUD with 27 races and 12 guilds with many subguilds to choose from and is constantly evolving. The world itself is quite large with lots of entrances to areas and there are several large cities. Exploring and quests are encouraged. 1 3
82 Lands of Myst is a faced-paced, action-packed game. The game has a sophisticated quest system which allows players access to unique and powerful quest items, special items and other benefits. 1 2
83 The longest running and most popular mud in the region, Twilight has strived to maintain and improve itself throughout the years while others fall. New codes and systems are continually put in placed and improved. Come and join us! 1 1
84 The Prophecies of the Pattern world offers a unique twist and interpretation on the “Wheel of Time Series created by Robert Jordan”. In POTP we strive to make the game as close to the series as possible. 1 5
85 An elaborate look at chaos. A pure-pk machine, Legends Untold combines great coding with pure action. Always on the run from danger, emmerse yourself within chaos at its finest! 1 2
86 Midnight Sun is a strictly medieval fantasy LPmud. It is an easy place to get started, but also hides a lot of complexity and challenges. Travel through our world by foot or hitchhike yourself a ride on the back of a dragon. 1 4
87 **TOTALLY FREE** The loyal player base is a testament to the unique qualities of Zeb - simple on the surface but with great detail and imagination underneath. Our dedicated Newbie Helpers will get you started quickly. Come play! 1 6
88 A free online fantasy roleplaying MUD with it's own graphical game client! 1 3
89 1 4
90 NarutoMUD is the original MUD about Naruto. This MUD is a labor of love, with the talent of many combining to create an experience we all can enjoy and be proud of. We welcome fans, and non-fans, to try us out and see for yourselves. 1 1

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91 The Cleft of Dimensions is an amalgamation of video games, anime, and original content with dedicated long term players and an attentive and invested staff. 1 5
92 NCMUD is a free text-based, multiplayer adventure game. We offer a rich gaming experience with over 100 different themes and we have almost 40,000 rooms to explore and 8,000 mobiles to test your skills. 1 5
93 The Jungle Mud is made up of animal races and species. Players level 1-100, then have the option to remort (become reincarnated) into a different species. 1 5
94 1 6
95 The age of the gods is over; the age of mortals has arrived. Blood and death wash the land as mortal factions war and foul creatures roam unopposed. Some are content with mediocrity, but will you be the hero Imperian needs? 0 12
96 Haelrahv is a world that mixes elements of fantasy with sci-fi, with several original races and twelve classes. Role-playing is encouraged but not mandatory. The game is 100% free to play. 0 4
97 Islands of Myth is a very stable LIMA based mud that has been running since July 1996. 0 4
98 A MUD that has existed for nearly 20 years, with many players and wizards who have been around for the same amount of time. A fantasy experience that is incredibly rich in detail, and growing every single day. Come and experience the Tsunami. 0 2
99 Welcome to a world where a time-honored cliché of weapons and warlocks is enhanced by wit and humor. With a good deal of home-made coding and a fine blend of new and stock rooms, DM creates an atmosphere perfect for almost any mudder with a taste for fun. 0 5
100 Discover our NO GRINDING, quest-only system in an open and original fantasy world: 1200 quests, skills, multiple-join guilds, a lot of original spells, invocation runes or enchantments, hundreds of crafting possibilities, rich NPC interaction... 0 4