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Alter Aeon

RankTop MUD SitesHits InHits Out
81 7 18
82 The vast wilderness of Alyria beckons! Seafaring, PvP, religions, player-run shops, player-built houses and clan-halls. Overhead map and compass. Hundreds of bosses challenge you, with thousands of quests - entirely free! Sight-impaired friendly. 7 23
83 5 15
84 Three dozen races! Numerous professions and careers! Hundreds of quests! All on a stable Java-based engine! Dawn of the Ages offers countless possible combinations to explore and roleplay. 5 19
85 Now over a decade old, Distant Lands is a (100% FREE) fun and exciting role playing game. It features a completely custom world and largely custom codebase. Distant Lands is constantly growing and changing as new features are added. If you are looking for a game to call home, this is it! 5 12
86 Welcome to MUDII, the latest incarnation of the world's very first MUD! 4 18
87 Core is a unique sci-fi MUD with its own story and location; a mining colony run by "The Company" on a remote planet 650 years in the future. Tired of playing stock games? We have our own player-run economy, integrated Wiki, and more! 4 9
88 April 5th, 2018 Update. Rumors of more levels and new skills on the horizon... 3 18
89 Midnight Sun is a strictly medieval fantasy LPmud. It is an easy place to get started, but also hides a lot of complexity and challenges. Travel through our world by foot or hitchhike yourself a ride on the back of a dragon. 3 21
90 Starmourn is an upcoming epic sci-fi MUD from the leader in MUDs - Iron Realms Entertainment. Come visit our site to learn about the game and sign up for the email list, so you can get weekly news about its progress and early access to the beta! 3 17
Click here to play Nodeka!
91 The Realm of Utopian Dreams offers a unique middle-ages world of fantasy. We have 35 unique races and 50 classes, each with special skills and abilities. Role-playing is encouraged, and we're always looking for new players with new ideas. 3 9
92 Hundreds of levels, 15 classes, 60 races, thousands of quests, and a great community. Features include achievement system, stances, tattoos, customizable equipment, and puzzle-based remort. Over 10,000 rooms of unique content to explore. Fantasy based. 3 19
93 Welcome to Cosmic Rage, the space-based, newbie friendly, crafting included, roleplay mud from Nathan Tech. Including real facts, over 45 activities, and hours of fun play! WE've something for all on Cosmic rage, so check us out today 3 16
94 The one and only original Multi-User Dungeon. 3 5
95 **TOTALLY FREE** The loyal player base is a testament to the unique qualities of Zeb - simple on the surface but with great detail and imagination underneath. Our dedicated Newbie Helpers will get you started quickly. Come play! 3 20
96 Dragonlance here! Online since 1992, the world of Krynn features 25.000+ original rooms, mobs and limited objects, very realistic detail. Explore, pkill, socialize - make friends with hundreds of players from around the globe. Join! 2 18
97 Avalon is the first of its kind. Much imitated, never beaten. It is not a game. It is a life, of dragons, sorcerers, shopkeepers, great cities, wars, princes and gods. Yet only a few rise to become gods themselves. Will you be the next? Now FREE to play! 2 7
98 A comprehensive site for all things mud-related, as well as extensive mudlist. 2 16
99 A land built away from the trials and strain of the normal world, populated by strange and dangerous beasts, where legends can be made and fortunes won. A realm full of magic and mystery where the strongest and bravest souls can truly reach the heavens. 2 16
100 Realms of Chaos (RoC) has been in operation since 1994 and is now one of the largest MUD's ever created. Richly detailed quests keep those who are not interested in mindless hack and slash entertained. 2 3