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Abandoned Realms MUD

RankTop MUD SitesHits InHits Out
61 Completely free, totally addictive! Large original world with an overhead map. Newbie friendly. Active Admins. Multi-tier clan system. Restricted PK. Custom multiclass system with unlimited character development. Ships, 5 continents and built-in triggers! 2 20
62 A highly social/political, anthro role-playing game. Many races and cultures. Set during a renaissance - muskets, magic and science! Become involved as noble houses vie for control and guilds strive for power. Which side will you take? Free trial. 2 17
63 Innovating for nearly 30 years, Genesis remains a vibrant community of enthusiastic and welcoming players, with opportunities from your favorite fantasy genres to offer you. 10-20 new players join every day. Maybe you will be the next? 2 24
64 StickMUD is a medieval-fantasy mud that has been online since 1991 and has been host to thousands of players from all over the world. 2 12
65 Welcome to Ansalon. A place where stories are told, heroes are made, and legends are born. If you have ever dreamed of taking on the role of one of the many types of characters found in the Dragonlance world, then this is the place for you. 2 17
66 Malevolence is a free LP Mud featuring unlimited levels, multiclass/guild options and some of the smartest monsters around. The theme is primarily fantasy with a good dose of satire. 2 13
67 One of the oldest and best muds on the net today, fast approaching its 30th year. Sporting a vast array of features, professional administrators and a legion of dedicated players, isn't it time you joined us? 2 14
68 Islands of Myth is a very stable LIMA based mud that has been running since July 1996. 2 15
69 The one and only original Multi-User Dungeon. 2 10
70 Welcome to MUDII, the latest incarnation of the world's very first MUD! 2 16

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71 Experience the religiously torn land of Tharel! Enjoy roleplay supported optional pk, exploration bonuses, 12 religions, player run clans, monthly Immortal ran quests, a unique world layout (80% original rooms), long term game consistency. 1 19
72 Dragonball Evolution is the most stable and longest running DBZ MUD online. With 17 years and counting, DBE will be around for many more years to come. Some key features of DBE are: 17 races, 17k rooms, 7 planets and over 150 quests. 1 24
73 Start a life on the Iberian Peninsula circa 150 BC at the height of the Lusitanian Wars. Join the Roman Republic or the rebel tribes of Iberia and fight for control of the peninsula. 1 20
74 Mordor MUD is based on J.R.R. Tolkien's middle earth that offers features unique to Mordor. The timeframe is the Third Age but with a some areas from the First and Second ages as well. 1 13
75 Lost Souls is a small, long-running LPMud that has produced continuous technical innovation and set ever-higher quality standards since its inception in 1990. The learning curve is steep, but the experience is deep and rewarding. 1 16
76 The age of the gods is over; the age of mortals has arrived. Blood and death wash the land as mortal factions war and foul creatures roam unopposed. Some are content with mediocrity, but will you be the hero Imperian needs? 1 29
77 UOSSMUD is a long-running MUD based on various Squaresoft worlds. We include areas from several Final Fantasy games (FF3 (6j), FF5, FF7, Chrono Trigger, and Secret of Mana) along with a FF5/FFT based job system and numerous jobs. 1 17
78 A post-apocalyptic world set far in the future. Filled with depravity, genetic mutation, murder, and adventure! Create your own corporation, become a mutant or don't, or just sit in your apartment, sewing jackets. The choice is yours. 1 13
79 Home of the CoffeeMud code base. 1 8
80 Will you serve the Empire or will you save the crumbling Republic? Dark Forces are approaching. 1 21