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Abandoned Realms MUD

RankTop MUD SitesHits InHits Out
81 A free, high quality PK/RP mud catering to people looking for higher standard PK and RP environment. Try us out via a custom client available on our webpage - no download required. 1 14
82 To become great in Nanvaent, you will need the talents simpler games do not require - cleverness and quickness of thought, communicativeness and cunning, perseverance and passion. 1 8
83 You like RP? Or maybe you like PK? Then this place is for you. Come and join eternal war. 1 11
84 1 0
85 1 10
86 Welcome to MUDII, the latest incarnation of the world's very first MUD! 1 7
87 1 6
88 1 4
89 The name says it all. Classic was founded by former admin from Joker's Vampire Wars mud. 1 8
90 Cajun Nights MUSH, New Orleans by Night, is an oWoD 2nd Ed game and has reopened with a new storyline after a long hiatus. 1 6

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91 NCMUD is a free text-based, multiplayer adventure game. We offer a rich gaming experience with over 100 different themes and we have almost 40,000 rooms to explore and 8,000 mobiles to test your skills. 1 10
92 1 10
93 A futuristic mud with a difference, this mud is a before never seen combination of mystery, science, roleplay and glory. With endless opportunities, hundreds of help files and a staff that care, this is the mud for you. 1 8
94 Asteria is a new MUD currently open for testing. The world is entirely original and will evolve over time in response to player influence and events. The adventure takes place in a fantasy setting with opportunities for questing, economics, and politics. 1 6
95 1 4
96 Lands of Myst is a faced-paced, action-packed game. The game has a sophisticated quest system which allows players access to unique and powerful quest items, special items and other benefits. 1 10
97 1 4
98 1 1
99 A growing world filled with fantasy and adventure, mystery and intrigue. Explore the dark corners of death, quest for grand adventure, lead your guild to become the greatest.... it's all here. Just watch out for the llamas. 0 9
100 Hundreds of levels, 15 classes, 60 races, thousands of quests, and a great community. Features include achievement system, stances, tattoos, customizable equipment, and puzzle-based remort. Over 10,000 rooms of unique content to explore. Fantasy based. 0 9