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Abandoned Realms MUD

RankTop MUD SitesHits InHits Out
81 Home of the CoffeeMud code base. 0 5
82 The Demons and Archangels war constantly with each other, neither seeming to gain advancment over the other. Now the Dragons have come... All hope seems to be lost. Who will save us? Could it be YOU? 0 5
83 Hundreds of levels, 15 classes, 60 races, thousands of quests, and a great community. Features include achievement system, stances, tattoos, customizable equipment, and puzzle-based remort. Over 10,000 rooms of unique content to explore. Fantasy based. 0 7
84 The one and only original Multi-User Dungeon. 0 6
85 We've been open since 1995, but I'm currently developing a completey original MUD that will be truly heartpounding, with an immersive world that will be fun for newbies and challenging for veterens alike. I'm always looking for Help with the new game! 0 7
86 Experience the religiously torn land of Tharel! Enjoy roleplay supported optional pk, exploration bonuses, 12 religions, player run clans, monthly Immortal ran quests, a unique world layout (80% original rooms), long term game consistency. 0 6
87 free • largely original world • helpful immortals • newbie-friendly players • hours of exploration • role-play rewarded • private housing • new areas added frequently • new code added all the time • make friends, stay a lifetime 0 5
88 Islands of Myth is a very stable LIMA based mud that has been running since July 1996. 0 9
89 A MUD that has existed for nearly 20 years, with many players and wizards who have been around for the same amount of time. A fantasy experience that is incredibly rich in detail, and growing every single day. Come and experience the Tsunami. 0 7
90 Aliens vs Predator: The MUD is a fast paced, race wars MUD, in operation for over 11 years. We follow the our own timeline based on the original movies and comics. 0 5

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91 Innovating for nearly 30 years, Genesis remains a vibrant community of enthusiastic and welcoming players, with opportunities from your favorite fantasy genres to offer you. 10-20 new players join every day. Maybe you will be the next? 0 5
92 UOSSMUD is a long-running MUD based on various Squaresoft worlds. We include areas from several Final Fantasy games (FF3 (6j), FF5, FF7, Chrono Trigger, and Secret of Mana) along with a FF5/FFT based job system and numerous jobs. 0 6
93 Welcome to MUDII, the latest incarnation of the world's very first MUD! 0 5
94 The name says it all. Classic was founded by former admin from Joker's Vampire Wars mud. 0 7
95 Lands of Myst is a faced-paced, action-packed game. The game has a sophisticated quest system which allows players access to unique and powerful quest items, special items and other benefits. 0 6
96 The longest running and most popular mud in the region, Twilight has strived to maintain and improve itself throughout the years while others fall. New codes and systems are continually put in placed and improved. Come and join us! 0 6
97 The Prophecies of the Pattern world offers a unique twist and interpretation on the “Wheel of Time Series created by Robert Jordan”. In POTP we strive to make the game as close to the series as possible. 0 4
98 An elaborate look at chaos. A pure-pk machine, Legends Untold combines great coding with pure action. Always on the run from danger, emmerse yourself within chaos at its finest! 0 5
99 Enter a secret world of fanatical Religious Wars, offering 50 races, 17 classes, beautiful aesthetics, cutting-edge gameplay & features. 0 9
100 The Land of Karchan MUD is a place filled with mystery and enchantment, where weapons, magic, intelligence, and common sense play key roles in the realm. 0 9