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this review prompted to start this topic

the reviewer states that the immortals have destroyed the occ community of this RP mud, which I can understand, cause in trying diffrent muds, I found if you allow free use of occ channels/commenication, then you run the risk of the mud becomming and aol chat room.

personaly I wish more muds had a "dream world" which is a small world totaly seaprate from the game and OOC.

I don't know how many muds that say that they have RP, and I log on, and I get spamed with non-sense chat, and when I say something, I'm coldly told "If I don't like it, tune out", missing my point the point is to interact with other people, and If I see constantly chit-chating I have to assume that's all you are doing.

reminds me of my pet peeve when I played spades on yahoo, sit down and someone starts the whole a/s/l thing, I'd ignore them then when they asked, I said I'm here to play cards not make friends.
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Policing OOC stuff is a fine line to tread, unfortunately. I tried to address this recently in our own mud's discussion board, here:

I'll say this: OOC problems are intensely frustrating from the staff side of things. We've probably erred on the side of letting too much OOC go on, but we do insist that it take place outside of the game - which it would anyway, no matter what we did. Either way, I see people cheating by using OOC knowledge, or coordinating OOCly, or by broadcasting information through IRC or IM or whatever, on a daily basis. It's pretty discouraging, and if there comes a point where I just give up on the MUD, I suspect it'll be born of this sort of activity.
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There are two possible actions regarding excess OOC. The first is of course to remove OOC channels and force said parties to congregate in a room together and stifle themselves with the OOC chatter...

...or to force those that do not like to "tune out" as it is said. If you do not like consistant OOC, then turning off the channel shouldn't bother you. Whether its two people talking about crap forever, or a series of people saying only two lines, OOC is OOC. If you don't like it, turn the channel off and viola! the problem is solved.

Curiously its a matter of, do I keep freedom, or do I drop a stifling blanket.

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Good, glad we're not the only ones with an OOC cheating issue. (Although I don't believe it's quite as bad as that reviewer makes it out to be.)

Anybody have any creative ways of discouraging this other than waiting for somebody to get caught and banning them?

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