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Adventures Unlimited is a rom based mud that was started over 5 years ago. We are roleplay encouraged with optional player killing. From time to time we have posted advertisments promoting our mud but we understand that perhaps our advertisements do not truly show a prospective player all of what they might need to know. We direct people to help files, website and our forums to give them even more information but still that is probably not everything that a new player would like to discover before commiting to a new home.

So here it is, we have included the DIRT of Adventures Unlimited. On the forums, I posted a topic that posed the question "What is the worst complaint you have regarding Adventures Unlimited?" The response has been overwhelming and many many complaints were lodged - so here they are - the FLAMES of Adventures Unlimited.

Please feel free to tack yours on the end of this thread - the full thread is located on the forums at this address Flame thread - Adventures Unlimited Forums

Here is an overview and what the players and staff of AU had to say. :
(Note: In some situations the post was much much too long to include the entire thing so I have taken snippets)

Ytrewtsu - One of the things I hate about AU is having to repeatedly enforce the same rules with the same players. One time should be enough for them to learn the rule.

Kiradus - Another one could be when the players ask me for something, and after all its my job as a staff member to help them out, only to find when I go there to help them they don't have their stuff all set up. So instead of doing a restring for them that might take 5 minutes tops, it ends up taking me 30 minutes or more because they don't like how it looks and constantly insist on changing it.

Kiara - One of the things I hate most is, when people complain about their rewards being too low (not "worth" it), or when they complain that I have changed their restrings so they fit grammar rules and guidelines. It's disrespectful and not nice when the staff is putting lots of time into it.

Dweezil - I guess my biggest complaint about AU would be that RP is sometimes not all that it could be. Some people don't RP at all, and for some people RP is nothing more than a step they are forced to take in PK, that they would otherwise avoid. And since you Imms all complained about players, I'll say it bugs me when an Imm is in a bad mood and snaps at a player for the tiniest imaginable infraction.

Esithae - The main thing I don't like about AU is that it isn't RP enforced. And probably never will be.

Jirah - As a player...I think it sucks when the imm staff gets involved in mortal roleplay that is demeaning to the mortal with out provocation.
It drives me nuts when I can not find level updated equipment for come of the wear slots.
As an immortal...I hate when the players spit on the GODS! Its so NOT KEWL!

Nail - I guess mine would be that it's annoying to see (and be done to) a pker threatening and prodding a way higher lvl pker to attack them, and stuff, when the low lvlish person won't attack them theirselves. So it's annoying to see ppl abusing the pk limit thingy on IC.

Demokis - I would have to think that my worst complaint would be monk's chiing up before pk and then being untouchable. It gets really annoying when I expect a good fight with 6k hps and through sanc I last 5 rounds to someone half my hps.

Anja - PK is encouraged but there is not a way to have a trial period unless you are popular enough to be elected to office - and office holders do best if they are not very low level and are pretty well known.

Anja - I am dissapointed when i see groups (races/clans/temples) or individuals ridden really hard into the ground. Perhaps it is your RP to to eliminate the demon/light, but when it is overdone the PLAYER behind the CHARACTER likely isn't having fun.

Mirein - The thing I dislike most about AU would have to be..the activity of people who are supposed to be on. Clan leaders are supposed to be some of the most active people on the MUD, but a lot of clan leaders do not log on. This goes for Mayor, Deputy and Sheriff too...This current Mayor, Dep. and Sheriff have been very active, but people in the past have not.

Mirein - One other thing that bugs me, is when Immortals are above the regs. If a mortal says something that is against the regs it is just as offensive as an immortal saying it and it bugs me when someone says something, gets nochanned, and then an immortal says it and nothing.

Jozephon - 1: people dont RP enough, and its true. This would be more fun if they did 2: I dont like the same IP rule. Two people who are on different comps but with the same IP should be allowed to play at the same time and be able to help eachother to a extent.

Thorf - I can't stand how the channels have to be PG rated. I hate the fact that you can be whatever you want in this game. You can create a character and "roleplay" as the King of the Gods and World and whatever, and since you're not PKjoined it doesn't really matter.

Layla - I hate that there is very little courtesy towards other players when it comes to rp like Anja said. I hate when people spam you with tells to ask why you are nochanneled. I also wish the mud was rp enforced. When people make characters with rp radically against the ro help files for a temple or clan, it makes quite a mockery of the system as a whole.

Thanteros - I also hate that sometimes player class is blamed for how good something is, and work involved to get there is ignored...that is from player to player. So many apples and oranges comparisons, everyone wants more, and often they want it through reducing someone else.

Mirein - I too don't like how the mud is pg and the slightest thing can get you busted. I may not be over 18 but being in high school and growing up in the world we live in today I think I and other teenagers can handle a curse word here and there.


Sidoc - I would love for there to be more communication between players and the immortal staff. It often seems like the door is shut and you must stand at it, having no idea what is occuring behind the door because you are not part of the staff.

Felicia - I suppose my biggest complaint about AU could be leveled against me, personally. I hate rp that must be suspended for days or weeks because the other characters' players have rl commitments.

Tired of reading - Adventures Unlimited is located at the addresses below.
telnet: port 5000

Isis - I hate how judgemental people that play are. The game is intended for fun and yet people sit and judge who you are by how you rp..and or if you can rp up to "their" standards. I hate how the MUD is not rp enforced and yet alot of things for RP are.

Sorik - I hate how easy it is when you die to come back from it like nothing happened and i hate how easy it is to flee in the wrong direction... when your running from a fight you control how you run away take it from someone who knows

Sorik - I hate how some people cant keep their ooc and ic seperate, because one of the funnest(yes im aware its not a word) things to do is laugh with a friend about how your characters hate each other.

Kognesty - Ic channel has no ic connection at all, that bothers me.

Kaith - I like Sorik also HATE when people mix IC with OOC.

Vallien - 2. Inconsistency. I hate the fact that myself, and the other builders have spent thousands of hours building areas for people yet oftentimes I get the "I'm from a world you do not know." Yes, I do know your world. I created part of it, why don't you use what the staff has put the effort into creating. 14. I dislike how a popular thought is that we aren't enforcing rules. Just because you don't see it, doesn't mean it isn't happening.
(heh heh he had a lot )

Mathsol - 2. Non PKers cannot spar in the arena. I was pretty happy when that spar flag had been introduced, but I was PK joined. My alt is not PKjoined but I would still like to spar with others.

Runvis - i hate it when immortals interact with me via the immortal channel. that really ****es me off. even when its praise, because if i comment back i have to use the ic channel to communicate back, which no one but me and the imms understand whats going on.

Seluril - Many people are not understanding that this game is multinational. Players from all continents are here, and players from Australia and Europe aren't that uncommon as they used to be.

Osker - In relation to AU I hate : AU being so addictive that it creates social life issues and problems for its playerbase.
In relation to AU I hate : the playerbase complaining about these social life problems which is directly related to them being on AU in the first place.
In relation to AU I hate : immortals interfering with mortal RP interaction when it has nothing to do with the interfering immortal.

Serpentia - I hate it when people take your character's attitude to their character as what you as the player would actually say or do to them. Or when people try to pin your character's opinions on you.

Imria - When I, and often my clanmates as well, put a huge amount of effort into something like Days of Redemption, conquering, an immortal quest or a branch of RP only to have others say things like "It's only fun if you win," or "No one else had a chance," or "I would have won if I hadn't been on dial-up," or "Oh, so-and-so won again. What a surprise," or any other remark that degrades all the effort put into the activity. It's equally disappointing - though not so personally insulting - when I see this happen to others.

Esrata - Next thing i find unfair is that people can break into a non-PK manor and steal your things. As you aren't PK that is unfair. You can't lose your things by getting killed, why can you lose them by putting them into your pit?

Ivellios - I hate when people that enforce the rules break them usually without repurcussions.

Elasa - I hate how you can get taxed even if you haven't been to town in ages, or aren't ICly living there.

Seramine - I hate it when I create a layered and dynamic character and people ignore all other facets but the ones represented by her race, temple and clan.

Grimalkyne - I think that the immortals are invisible to players far too much - I know they get spammed if they are visible, but if they were visible a little more maybe that would fall off.

Christov - i really hate how everything is geared towards pkers, no i mean REALLY HATE it I dislike how coding takes for ever and i'm not mining already !

Please come and check it out - We flamed ourselves so that you wouldn't have to!
telnet: port 5000

Also please know that we have not edited anyone's words except to copy and past snippets of long posts. These flames are the opinions of the people who posted them and could (but will not be) disputed by the management of Adventures Unlimited.

Thanks for reading,

PS I am sure someone out there has an itch to flame us - feel free

NOTE: I thought I would post this pm that I got here from a former player. He didn't seem to like our polls.

I found your recent advertisement quite amusing. It seems you only included the superficial feelings of current players on your mud - including your wife. Heaven forbid if a current player said anything bad about AU. Im sure they would like to hear how certain players such as *****, ******, *****, and I felt after we got banned for poor reasons. Tell them my favorite thing about Adventures Unlimited - how it is concidered multiplaying if you buy a restrung blanket from ***** for 13,000 gold that supposely belonged to your "alt." How much do restrung blankets go for and how does that benefit a HERO character anyway? Here is something to think about - It didnt have to be this way, for I'm not who you think I am.

I did take out the names of the players he mentioned for they still play on AU under different aliases.
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Ya know what? This would be a great advertisement, except you haven't given any replies to the flames. Yeah, I suppose I could sign up to your forums to read any replies there, but I'm browsing amongst the topics and really don't have the time.

Unusual and interesting way to advertise your mud, but either post the replies here, or allow your game boards to read topics without registering.
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You know Alice, I would post the replies but there are none - we started the thread with flames in mind only. There were/are no repercussions or replies to the flames. As far as access to the forums go, it was not my intention to make you join. A while ago we removed the priveledge of reading the forums for guest because of certain issues we were having. I foolishly did not test that before posting the advertisment - I am hoping to get that changed soon (trying to contact the forum master).

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We have the permissions changed on our forums so the thread can be viewed now. Enjoy.


PS Thanks for bringing that to my attention Alice.
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