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I have written many many reviews about Adventures Unlimited, all of which have been good, leaving out many details that I will now lay out. First, I have had several character on Adventures Unlimited, accumulating over 2000 hours in the process. I have seen many thing that I thought were just plain wrong. For example several other players, besides myself, have been banned. Krymson (over 4000 hours), Febriwyn (over 2k), Labor, Alnaron, etc. Why do you ask? Because the immortals play favorites there. It is plain and simple. In my case, the immortals thought I was somebody else because I had a similar IP address. I have nothing to lose now so I can say I am not the person who they accuse me of being. Several weeks after I created I bought 2 items off auction that belonged to this person. The immortals knew about this. However they waited until I heroed and capped.. after I accumulated 1800+ hours on this character. It says in help multiplay that a hero that is caught multiplaying is forced to delete. Even if I was him the immortals twisted the rules, but I am not. Febriwyn on the other hand was caught using a script to collect money. There was not a rule about this at the time so the immortals slipped one in there and forced him to delete.

Speaking of mulitplaying and how they play favorites.. let me give you an example. There is a sophism leader named caron that provided gold to somebody called baldor and this baldor had a hero that goldran for caron's alt gelmir.. of course the immortals found out about this and did nothing to caron but banned baldor and gangor.

My character on Adventures Unlimited was a monk. This class is extemely overbalanced, thus it is why I picked it. I wanted to be the best. The mage class is underbalanced.. clerics rely on their weapons, and not their magic.. Warriors have a sharpening skill there which is really dumb because their blades (which takes 100 hours to get a good one) get ruined so easily.. It has a lot of bad features like that. The worst is probably how the mayoral thing is setup. They have two mobs (kalian and somebody else) that are practically unbeatable.. Now these people are defenders of the city.. they will kill whoever the mayor tells them too basically. They are really overpowered and my capped character got killed by them in like 2 rounds.. doing butchers with each hit.. a lot of the channel monitors are corrupt.. for instance one time I caught osker and tashara (two channel monitors) cursing somebody out on the osay (ooc channel) and of course tashara got away with this because she was one of the imms favs. The person who they were cursing out was just a good pker and a good friend of mine named Mystique. Turin is the one that got Labor banned.. Labor was a really decent person.. even helped me out when i was a newbie there.

Lets talk more about imbalance.. the owner Ytrewtsu's clan has the most powerful clanskill there is.. none of the others even compare.. we had one person named Khazrak convert to the owner's clan just for the clanskill because it adds like 2000 hours and a ton of damroll/hitroll.. while his other skill just made him completely invisible. Oh and Urhbak's skill was like quicksand.. just held somebody in place for a few ticks..

Oh and something the adminstrators of topmudsites should look into is adventure unlimiteds forums.. if anyone has noticed they have gone up in rank here quite drastically all of the sudden.. that is because somebody was spamming the votes.. and they admitted doing it on the other forum.. just something everyone should know.. their playerbase isnt that great and hardly compares to other muds.

I tried writing a post on their forums about how they wont let the truth be known so if any of my friends see this post direct them here.. Its the same thing when they deleted Feb and Krymson.. they try to keep these things hush hush.. but since they ruined several months of my building characters.. I plan for my story to be known.

The pk system really lacks there as well.. and I know from experienced having had a clanned character in sophism named Revanche.. pk battles hardly ever occur.. and like I said when they do the classes are imbalanced.. and the races too know I think about t ut.. for example dwarves have the vulnerability to drown.. but they cannot drown in the game.. they have several +'s despite this fact leaving that race better than the rest.. gnomes on the other hand have two of the worst weaknessses in the game.. slash and holy attaks.. and their +'s hardly make up for it. There isnt even an arena to spar in.

I mentioned a questing system in my other note saying how good au was.. heh.. well i didnt tell you you have to wait 9 minutes for each quest and 20 ticks if you fail the previous quest.. not too mention the random waits even if your quest counter goes down.. well like I said I had another note saying things were good.. but there is a list twice as long saying how bad things were.. id go on but I have to go.. perhaps later I will respond again. Thank you for your time
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