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I have been playing Adventures Unlimited for a couple months now, accumulating over 1000 hours total.  During this time, I've really enjoyed myself having only a few conflicts. My character on AU is known as Khadgar Goldenfeather.  He is rather a greedy individual in Kiradus' temple.  The followers of Kiradus seek to gather the wealth of Tharel for personal gain and ambition. This gathering of wealth includes thievery, advancement of rank among the royalty of the land, deceit of the innocent, racqueteering, confidence games, and robbery. Any means necessary to acquire the wealth of the land may be used to reduce his enemies to pauperhood.  Menial work is not encouraged.  If you are interested in that kind of roleplay, I would love to see you come and join Kiradus' temple.  My character will be as helpful as he can be.  All you need to do is ask.  The following is my review of Adventures Unlimited:

- The Player Killing System is setup really nice in a way that each PK must be justified using motivations that are submitted before you join the PK system. This prevents spam-killing weak players.  Also, the PK system is optional.
- There are many races and classes in Adventures Unlimited creating a diverse world.  Races  include Humans, Dwarves, Duergars, Sylvan Elves, Gnomes, Goblins, Giants, Halflings, Orcs,  Pixies, Quicklings, Drows, Titans, Frost Giants, Heishan Elves, and River Trolls.  Classes  include Mages, Clerics, Thieves, Antipaladins, Paladins, Charlatans, Myrmidons, Monks, and  a soon to be Necromancer class.
- There is a REALLY nice automapper that got my attention right away. Of the few muds that have one, this one is the best in my opinion.
- Adventures Unlimited has a really hard working staff that I have really come to respect.  Changes are constantly being added including the recent TradeGuilds and damage code for  armor and weapons.
- Ytrewtsu's largest coding project was probably the TradeGuilds.  As of right now there is a weaponsmaster and armorsmiths guild.  These guilds come in handy to repair armor when it gets broken.  In the future, Ytrewtsu plans to add a Jewelers Guild, a Skinner/Tailors Guild, an Artisan Guild, a Miners/Masons Guild, and a Herbalist Guild.
- There is a questing system that allows players to get stronger by questing rather than straight leveling.  In the lower levels, questing is what seperates the strong from the weak.  In the end if you hero, it really doesnt matter or not, but if you plan to stay a low level, then I'd recommend questing.
- There are many clans setup for PK-joined players.  Each month the clans duke it out in a  competition called the Days of Redemption. Each clan tries to get as many idols as they can back to their clanhall.  There are many bonus idols as well that give the clan various things including gold and upgrades.  Points are calculated at the end of DOR and the clan with the most points get control of the bank.  The clan in 2nd place gets a bonus of gold while questing.  Non PK-joined players may also participate.  Usually they try to help out
their temple's clan.
- A temple system is in place which directs your roleplay in a certain direction.  It is   optional of course.  Players that do decide to join a temple may get a symbol which you  can upgrade.  It is your most precious piece of equipment.
- There are many great RP's at Adventures Unlimited.  Many channels are setup to allow you  to do so including an IC channel, Clan Channel, War Channel, and Auction Channel.  OOC channels include OOC, Music, Grats, Question and Answer, Tells, and TOT.  There are also many other ways to communicate through says, sayto, osay, etc.
- Every so often the immortals setup quests for the playerbase to do.  Quests include but are not limited to Lottery, GOD ARMOR, Drunken Races, Godstones, Scavenger Hunts, etc.  The most famous of quests is the quest for the Rod of Destruction.  Also, personalized quests may even be setup at times.  Go Cylad!
- There is also an entitlement system in place which allows the playerbase to gain certain  ranks in the land including Citizen, Watcher/Seeker, Master/Mistress, Seneschal, Lord/Lady, Baron/Baroness, Count/Countess, Marquis/Marquise, and Duke/Duchess.  You may also become the Mayor of Naerlan by getting elected.  Once you reach a certain rank you can get a manor house.  This is a step up from the normal houses which you can purchase.  Its very well guarded and you can make upgrades.
- Adventures Unlimited has many areas.  I think somewhere around 70 percent original ones with  about 9,500 rooms.
- A PK Arena is possibily going to be setup in the future.  This would allow people that are uncomforatble with PK to get use to it, PK and Non-PK.

Additional Notes:

If you have time come by and play Adventures Unlimited and I gaurentee you won't be disappointed if you are into text based games.  Its always nice to have new players.  

You can connect to Adventures Unlimited at the following:


or if you have a mud client host: and port 5000

The website is
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