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Adventures Unlimited is a rom2.4b6 based mud with a focus on encouraged roleplay and character interaction. We have been around for nearly 5 and a half years. Come by and try AU out for yourself!

Instead of boring you with a long list of features (for it has many), we have decided to post what several players and immortals have posted in response to the questions, "Can you say one nice thing about AU?"

The following is a list of the responses that we have received over the last couple of days. Some have been edited for length.

Ivellios - "I like AU because it is the most newbie friendly place around, all the people are nice and helpful"

Achaierai - "AU is AWESOME *sage* I like it because it constantly changes so your not doing or rping the same thing every day and its got lots of nice people and is newbie friendly "

Jirah (immortal) - "My favorite thing about AU is the goddess JIRAH! She's wickedly beautiful and righteously evil. "

Cylad (immortal) - "The reason why i love Au is because i feel the implementor is probably the fairest man i have ever known in my life."

Isthiel - "I love AU because when I was new and lost and not sure if joining a temple had been the appropriate thing to do, my character's god (Cylad) made the effort to come and visit my character, role play with her, establish her place in the temple and in Tharel, and make me feel truly welcome both IC and OOC."

Seluril - "Of all the muds, I always come back to AU, because of the always friendly and helpful staff and the great roleplay I experience. "

Gedria (immortal) - "I love AU because of the people. Immortals, Monitors, Builders and Players are wonderful. The original areas are interesting and fun to explore."

Demawno - "I like AU because it's constantly being working on, new things added and old things made better. Also, the immortal staff is awesome, and all the players are really friendly. "

Miche - "As mentioned, but good enough for a second mention, one reason I love AU is its newbie-friendliness. It makes me smile to see a MUD where a newbie will get on average 3-4 "Welcome to AU!"s when they first log on... and how many people will practically drop everything they're doing to focus on the newbie channel and help a new player either get aquainted with AU's unique charm , answer questions about character creation, or even helping a new MUDder learn how to MUD. Of EVERY MUD I have EVER tried... AU is the best, here and in many other places. Hands down. "

Asteri (immortal) - "I'll have to say that my favorite thing about AU is watching to see how my temple members interpret my role-play. "

Jirah 2nd time (immortal) - "Conquering! The continuous competition between clans. Its fun to watch the numbers rise and even sparks a bit of individual competition between clan mates. "

Vallien (immortal) - "I love AU because of the players, the newbie-friendliness, and the quality staff."

Cherish - "Today I will be a gnome, tomorrow I will be an elf, and if the weather gods permit me, the next day a dwarf just so long as it doesn't rain and wash me away. To take arms with your friends and vast off into the beautiful textual sun on another Adventure with Unlimited potential."

Sorik - "i love the fact that its constantly changing both codewise and with the builders building all kinds of new areas."

Sainos (immortal) - "And as good and robust as the play system is, it is the people involved that bring me back time and again. "

Demokis - "I like Au becasue I can come and rp however I want, there is no right or wrong thing that you can do, it's all based on the character you play. It's a great place with a very friendly environment."

Please stop by and try Adventures Unlimited out. We would love to have you as a player.

telnet: port 5000

Thanks for reading - Ytrewtsu
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