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Let me paint you a portrait.

Resplendant in your deep violet cape, bound with the black onyx raven clasp of your noble House lying over your fine velvet attire, you splay your fingers out on your rich biinwood desk, pondering the deed in front of you from a high-ranking member of the Kahar House. When your informant found out that the Kahar had slept with a married member of the Imperial Council, you sent the Kahar a note: "I've always enjoyed looking at your summer keep when I pass it on the road. I'm sure I would enjoy it more if I had the deed to it. Equally, I'm sure you'd enjoy keeping your House out of scandal. Please send the deed, no questions asked, and no one will ever find out about what happened in the blacksmith's back room, and the basement of your constable's house. Signed, Lord Lorent Zahir." You ponder how best to use this acquisition to your House's benefit, growing its influence and power, and smile broadly at the challenge.

Welcome to the world of the Zahir, the power-grabbing upstarts of the nobility on Chiaroscuro. Since the times of Goram Zahir, who allied with the poisonous and bestial Wildlings to attempt to overthrow the Fastheld government and put himself in charge, Zahirs have been big-picture kinds of thinkers, but have chosen to take the subtle road since then (considering this venture ultimately failed). Not as bold or open as the Mikins or Kahars, the Zahirs prefer to operate under a veneer of quiet geniality, working silently in the background and with a morality-neutral kind of outlook on life to further their causes.

Blackmail, information-selling, ownership of places of vice, and a tiny drop of poison in someone's evening wine are their preferred means to an end. Of course, that end is the rulership of Fastheld, or at least enough of a stranglehold on its assets to get what one demands.

But in order to achieve one's end goal, one must move one step at a time. That's where you come in. Chiaroscuro has woefully too few Zahirs, and noble society is much too stable because of this. We need you, big-picture types. We need those who are willing (and have the stamina) to start their own empire. This includes hiring (and keeping) PCs to do your bidding, being enough of an RP leader to keep your underlings busy (no doubt towards your greater glory), being able to think on your feet (figuratively, obviously you're in a chair), being able to work within the rules of noble society (you have 5 other noble houses that are against you), being able to twist others to your will (whether it be through charisma or back-alley malice), and a general willingness to play the 'bad' guy from time to time.

Sound interesting? Think you can handle the challenge, with most of society against you? Then you're just who we need. Apply on Chiaroscuro, at or read more about us via our PDF at
If you decide we're for you, just head to, and enjoy. Mention promotional code ZAH500 in chargen, and receive 500 xp when making a Zahir. Good luck!
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