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Lusternia has developed an amazing new skillset that was just released this weekend, called Dreamweaving . Players can dreamwalk (think astral projection) disengaging their spiritual body from corporeal form, affecting reality while in this state through the realm of dreams.

Dreamweaving was unveiled through a massive three day event for players, which was quite involved and exciting. For those interested in what type of roleplay might be encountered in Lusternia, below is a synopsis of what went on.

Warning: This is long!


When Dain of the Hartstone mysteriously fell into a coma, the druids of Hartstone were thrown into a panic. Not even the Moon Priestess Ridien could diagnose what ailed him and nothing that was done could rouse him from his unnatural slumber.

Meanwhile in New Celest, the Mistress of the Whirlpools, Kaileigh of the Aquamancers Guild, suddenly began to act erratically and dangerously. After the Paladins placed her under guard for her own protection and the protection of others, it became apparent that she was could not remember her behavior afterwards and that she was being possessed by an unknown presence. Soon, others began to likewise suffer, including Aquamancer Geb and even the Aquamancer Prince Rhysus Saros. The great minds of New Celest could not determine the source of the possessions, what it wanted or why only those in the Aquamancers Guild were being targetted.

Finally, in Magnagora, a much different type of possession was taking place. It was first the Geomancer Stangmar who suddenly began searching for something on the Elemental Plane of Earth, then not remembering why. Soon, other high ranking members of the Geomancers Guild, including Guildmaster Llexyn d'Murani, Champion Revan Xandul, and Arilyon d'Irande, also began inexplicably searching the earth plane and ranting about a new age for the Geomancers Guild.

Then the dreaming began.

Members of these three guilds, Hartstone, Aquamancers and Geomancers, began to have lucid and often disturbing dreams. Only later were the pieces of this puzzle able to be put together to tell the whole story. Emperor Ladantine VII, the undead mage, was one of the very few who practiced the ancient art of dreamwalking and dreamweaving. For the past century, he had been consolidating his power in the dreamrealm and killing any other dreamweaver. The only one left was Dain of Hartstone, who was finally trapped by the Undead Emperor within the realm of dreams. Having lost his bid for godhood in ancient times, he now sought to rule Lusternia as a god himself through the dreamrealm. Intent on destroying the Aquamancers Guild and New Celest, he also had visions of raising the Geomancers Guild up as his own personal army of dream warriors.

Though the Undead Emperor attempted to implement his scheme through possessing members of the Aquamancers and the Geomancers, he soon found this method to be ineffectual and taxing. He had to open up the gates to the Lords of Rock who lived in and out of the realm of dreams to increase his power. To accomplish this, he abducted a prophet who lived in the dream realms and began torturing him to find out the location of the chips of the Black Rock of Nightmare needed to open this gate. The prophesies that he wrung from this hapless victim he passed on to the Geomancers through their dreams in order that they could search for the pieces in the physical world.

With Emperor Ladantine's attention turned to searching for the Black Rock of Nightmare, Dain was able to briefly visit members of Hartstone while they slept. Too weak to escape his bonds, he knew of an ancient alchemical recipe that would give him the strength he needed to free himself and reveal the Eighth Standing Stone of White Hart. As the last Keeper of Dreams of White Hart, it was his task to protect the memories of White Hart, the aspects of which lived partially in the realm of dreams that in a sacred grove surrounded this hidden standing stone. The recipe he needed, however, was long lost in ancient times though a tablet did exist with the recipe, though it was broken and scattered throughout the land. Painstakingly, Dain passed the location of these fragments through the dreams of the Hartstone druids.

These disturbances in the realm of dreams awoke the spirit of Empress Sinenth of Old Celest from her stony grave. Being the one who taught Ladantine the art of weaving dreams, she was angered that he would seek to use these skills to undermine her beloved Aquamancers Guild. Unfortunately, she was but a spectre and was too weak to oppose her great-grandson Ladantine. But she could help the Aquamancers to open the gates to the Lords of Tide, another group of elemental lords who partially lived in the realm of dreams and could teach the Aquamancers the skill of dreamweaving to protect themselves. Unfortunately, she could not remember the Song of Opening but she could tell the Aquamancers through their dreams where pages of her diary were hidden which held this powerful invocation. If they brought these pages to her spirit in the ancient ruins of Old Celest, she could translate the enciphered writings so they might know the lyrics of Song of Opening.

(NOTE: Because it would make this post ungoldly long, I'm not posting the complex conclusions of the three quests set for the guilds involved, but will only mention that the Hartstone Druids were the first to receive the skillset of Dreamweaving. If you are interested in reading the rest of this story, feel free to log into Lusternia and read about it on the Events Board.)
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Nifty. I always thought AP-like skills were an excellent idea, but I've only ever seen one game that had them implemented; Rogue Winds running CalareyMUD.

Will check Lusternia out soon.
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Well done, Estarra. I know you guys worked hard on this skill.

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I think I speak for the entire team when I say we're really proud of this. Our coders have worked incredibly hard on this new skill (and since helping all the mortals adjust to it), and we've all been working to introduce this in the most interesting and immersive way possible (as you can see from the section posted by Estarra).
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